30 to 1

30 to 1 har sänt sitt sista program

30 to 1 sändes mellan 120510-120623.

Tisdagar 21.00 - 21.30

Anuscheh Mansouri

break up list for today

the vaccines :: POST BREAK UP SEX
JESMOND CHESTER :: strange exercise
lowgold :: JUST A RIDE
MUMFORD AND SONS :: lover of the light
the perishers :: BLINK OF AN EYE
AIR CASTLES :: falling to pieces
laura marling :: shine

unrequited love

... fortunately not when it comes to music ♥

coldplay - shiver :: tegan and sara - call it off :: lykke li - unrequited :: the do - too insistent :: chairlift - bruises ( or the other way around) :: against me! - borne on the fm waves of the heart :: coldplay - fix you ( alesso remix)

if this is the right order i'll have a super brain; i have the feeling it's not though :)

OHOLICS' "Orbits"

OHOLICS' 2nd album "Orbits" just released today! You can listen to it for free on their homepage http://oholics.bandcamp.com/ and don't forget: support your local poet! ♥

And for the few of you who couldn't come to the release concert on Saturday here are some pretty pictures http://roberd.net/gallery/music_photos/oholics_120526/ .

Did you know that Anders from OHOLICS had a show here at K103 as well?! He's the cool guy playing the sitar barefoot! :)

Keep on dreaming boy,....

tudäjs' plehjlist

tHE TALLEST mAn On EarTh - the DREamer
let'S saY "Grand sTATe ParAde" becauSE ThATs WhAT it sOUNds like : dreaMErs
The MARy onetteS ...LOsT
LoOseGOAts - Drift FrOm thE TRack
yOUNg DReAms with yoUNG drEAMs
thOse DANcIng DayS; DReam abOUt ME
KEep SHEllY in aTHens - Our OWN Dream.......

......also dreamy M83 "hurry up we're dreaming", the coral "dreaming of you", the head and the heart "lost in my mind" and mentioned but not played blind melon "change" and of course Biffy Clyro ♥

absolutely worth going http://pustervik.nu/3-6-the-tallest-man-on-earth/ and if don't then probably because you're busy and tired from going to the HBTQ festival :)

and last but not least the band whom's name i was guessing about, voilà http://www.myspace.com/grandstateparade for anyone who wants to prove me wrong...or right:)

Playlist 12/05/15 moon

Turn Off The Moon - The Primitives
Watch The Moon Disappear - The Spring Standards
Dead Moon - Lost Lander
Moonlight Run - Light Parade
Moonraker - Oholics
Luna - Fanfarlo
Man Ser Det Från Månen - Familjen

First show

This week the first show of 30/1 will be aired. The theme of all played songs is the MOON in honor of the supermoon from last week. Here's one song that unfortunately didn't get picked for the playlist


Kristofer Åström - Full Moon

...from his latest record "From Eagle To Sparrow" (2012)

Lists are like rules ... and what matters to Tegan matters to us http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XNG3mnB_0p0&feature=endscreen&NR=1

If you have any ideas for a list or a song that should be played just let me know!

Tisdagar 21.00 - 21.30


Anuscheh Mansouri.

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