A Year of Albums

A Year of Albums - Sally

This week on A Year of Albums Declan is joined by his girlfriend Sally. A fan of artists like Bruce Springsteen, Declan brings along artists like The War on Drugs, Lera Lynn and Colter Wall for Sally to pass judgement on. Tune in at 13:30 to hear what she thinks!


The War on Drugs - Lost in the Dream

Lera Lynn - Wolf Like Me

The Proclaimers - Burn Your Playhouse Down

Colter Wall - Living on the Sand

Cock Robin - Just Around the Corner

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A Year of Albums - Best of January

This week Declan takes a look back at January in A Year of Albums, looking at some of the best music he was lucky to discover. It ends up being an eclectic mix of Afro-rock, Somali funk, Gulf and Western, and more.


Assagai - Telephone Girl

Dur Dur Band - Dooyo

Jimmy Buffett - Life Is Just A Tire Swing

Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day

Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa

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A Year of Albums - Steve

This week Declan welcomes his first guest of 2020 to A Year of Albums. Steve's known to be a punk fan, so they listen to some punk, psychedelic rock and even a bit of Palestinian funk from the albums Declan listened to in 2019. In a first for A Year of Albums, Steve also brings along a track for Declan to check out.


TOUTS - Bombscare

Roky Erickson - Two Headed Dog (Red Temple Prayer)

TootArd - Musiqa

Verge Collection - Our Place

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A Year of Albums - Best of 2019

In the first episode of A Year of Albums of 2020, Declan decides that he just can't let the albums that he listened to in 2019 go. With 365 of them to choose from, there's still plenty of music to dissect. Listen to hear Declan discuss some of his favourite albums and play some tracks from them. A healthy mix of gospel, country, and punk.


Johnny Frierson - Have You Been Good To Yourself

Barbara Keith - Detroit or Buffalo

The Chats - Smoko

Stiff Little Fingers - Barbed Wire Love

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A Year of Albums - Special Episode - Blaze Foley

This week is a special end-of-year episode of A Year of Albums. After listening to over 350 albums so far over the course of 2019, Declan feels pretty confident with what his favourite album was. This week's episode is a discussion of Blaze Foley - Sittin' By The Road, a collection of recordings from the enigmatic Austin musician. Shot and killed in 1989, Blaze Foley never got to learn the fame that he would achieve, nor that a film about his life would debut in 2018 at the Sundance Film Festival. 'Sittin' By The Road' was released in 2010, and there's plenty to discuss about it and the so-called 'Duct Tape Messiah' - Blaze Foley.


Blaze Foley - Big Cheeseburgers and Good French Fries

Blaze Foley - Clay Pigeons

Blaze Foley - Cold, Cold World

Blaze Foley - If I Could Only Fly

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A Year of Albums - Alex

This week Declan completes a hattrick of journalist-guests as he's joined by Gothenburg-based journalist Alex. In an all hip-hop episode the two listen to artists from the USA, England and Ireland. From classic boom-bap to Irish-language rap there's a lot for the two to dissect.


Benny the Butcher - Crowns for Kings (feat. Black Thought)

KNEECAP - Amach Anocht

Slowthai - Inglorious (feat. Skepta)

Chief Keef - I Don't Know Dem

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A Year of Albums - Patrick

A selection of  3 album covers, Sleaford Mods, Donovan and Tirzah

For the second episode of A Year of Albums Declan is joined by Patrick. Going from Patrick's love of electronic music in all its forms, and avoidance of country and hip-hop, Declan puts together a selection of tracks for Patrick to give his opinion on. The result is a varied mix for Patrick to pass judgement on.


Tirzah - Malfunction

Sleaford Mods - Kebab Spider

Donovan - Goldwatch Blues

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A selection of  3 album covers, Sleaford Mods, Donovan and Tirzah

Premiere: A Year Of Albums - Mirja

In the first episode of A Year of Album’s Declan is joined by Mirja, freelance journalist and Master’s student from Helsinki. They listen to a selection of four tracks chosen by Declan based on what genres Mirja says she likes. What follows is an all-female selection of country-folk, indie, French surf-rock and British post-punk.


Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man

Kate Jackson – Stranded

Juniore – A La Plage

Goat Girl – Creep

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A Year of Albums is a show in which Declan shares his favourite tracks that he’s discovered this year with a guest. His New Year’s Resolution was to listen to a new album each day and now he’s found more new music than he knows what to do with. Tune in to hear him play a chosen selection of a few of his favourite tracks for a new guest to listen to (and judge) each week.


Declan McCann.

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