Repriser på grund av Coronaspridningen

Hej alla lyssnare!
På grund Corona/Covid-19 spridningen kommer vi i F-EMME redaktionen inte att kunna träffas och spela in nya avsnitt på ett tag framöver. Istället sänder vi ett gäng goa repriser på vanlig sändningstid lördagar 15-16. Dessa är på engelska eftersom vi precis har bestämt oss för att byta språk men så fort vi är tillbaka kommer vi att köra vidare på svenska. Vi ursäktar förvirringen men hoppas att ni ska njuta av innehållet oavsett språk.
God lyssning önskar F-EMME gänget!

Bild: CDC/ Alissa Eckert, MS; Dan Higgins, MAMS

Internationella kvinnodagen

F-EMME är tillbaka, numera på svenska!
I dagens avsnitt pratar vi om den internationella kvinnodagen 8 mars och feministiska framsteg och bakslag från det gångna året 2019 Det här är ett avsnitt du inte vill missa!
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I studion Sofia Fisher tillsammans med två nya medlemmar; Vilma Ellemark (till vänster) och Lora Gremeaux (till höger)

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In this week's episode of F-emme, Sunna interviews Therese - the founder and chairwoman of the all-female choir "Dotterbolaget". She took the initiative, and with a few fellow women created a choir for women to sing in a safe space.

You will here them sing:
Hide and Seek (Imogen Heap)
Jubelsången (Stefan Nilsson)
Svatba (Hristo Todorov)

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The Times They Are A-Changin'

Tonight on F-EMME we're taking it back to the beginning...Sofia and Taylor discuss generational feminism, including the different waves that the feminist movement has experienced and how women of different generations view feminism today. We also hear a bit from Sofia's grandma, Katarina, where she answers the question "are you a feminist?". And Taylor talks with her mom, Jeanete, about the changes in feminism she's witnessed throughout her life.

Listen to this episode tonight, at 8pm, or anytime on Mixcloud (https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/f-emme-01-04-19-the-times-they-are-a-chang...).

Free photo of Annie Kenney and Christabel Pankhurst campaigning for women's suffrage, via Wikimedia Commons.

Breaking Up Is Hard To Do

On the latest episode of F-EMME, we're getting personal as we talk about our past break ups. We also discuss the differences between the way men and women are perceived when they initiate a breakup, and societal repercussions of breaking up. But don't worry, we do our best to lighten up this less-than-happy topic.

On a happier note, we have a new member of F-EMME, Antonia! We're so glad to have her on the show this semester.

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Tonight on F-EMME, Sunna and Sofia discuss some of their favorite female artists, including--of course--Frida Kahlo, Jenny Saville, and Yoko Ono. Tune in to hear about some awesome women, instead of the usual male artists.

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Free image from Creative Commons.

Pesos for Bezos

The recent high-profile divorce of Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos prompted this episode of F-EMME, about the unpaid work women do in partnerships, their contributions to their partners accomplishments, and the lack of acknowledgement and reward they receive. We also ask an important question, is it "feminist" when an woman is granted (or seeks) her ex-husbands money in a divorce?

You can listen to this episode and all of our past episodes anytime on Mixcloud, https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/playlists/f-emme/.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

Art and the City


And welcome back to F-EMME. On our first episode of the year, we're talking about art and culture in Gothenburg, specifically feminist art and culture. We begin the episode with and interview of Louise Thörner from September Teatern, a feminist theater group here in town (septemberteatern.se, https://www.facebook.com/Septemberteatern-994119840698830/). They have a new children's theater production premiering on January 3rd at Göteborgs Naturhistoriska Museum. Sofia has conducted an interview with three members of Göteborgs Feministika Kör (https://bit.ly/2RqCvmu), and we get to hear a taste of their work. We also mention a few other cultural events happening in Gothenburg in the next couple months, including the Gothenburg Film Festival.

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The Theory of Exclusion

The stories of Katherine Johnson, Dorothy Vaughan, and Mary Jackson are told beautifully in the new Hollywood movie Hidden Figures, but there are so so many more women whose contributions to major scientific breakthroughs and to society as a whole have been omitted from history. This week, as a tribute to Nobel day, Sunna and Taylor discuss the exclusion of women from scientific discoveries and the huge discrepancy in the number of male and female Nobel laureates. They touch on who won Nobel prizes this year (spoiler alert: three women!), women who have won them in the past, and women who were never recognized for their work.

You can listen to this episode tonight at 9pm or anytime on Mixcloud.

Image from MRC Laboratory of Molecular Biology via Wikimedia Commons.

Play Like a Girl

We're talking about women in sports this week on F-EMME. We get into our own experiences with sports, as well as how some famous female athletes have "changed the game" for women. We also discuss the huge differences between how male and female athletes are treated and portrayed.
Check out the #CoverTheAthlete video we mention in the episode, here https://youtu.be/Ol9VhBDKZs0.

You can listen to this episode tonight on K103 at 9pm or anytime on Mixcloud.

Photo from xphere.com.

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