Next Stop: Gothenburg

Episode 9: Next stop: Summer Holidays!!!

In this episode Lieke, Fay and Vasilis talk about everyone's favorite topic: Summer Holidays.

At a sandy beach by the sea or at a lake up in the mountains? At a popular touristic destination or in a small cozy island? Camping or hotel room? Alone with a book or with some talkative, crazy friends? Favorite destinations, activities, interesting stories from the past and dreams for our future holidays.

Will you join us in this amazing destination or what?

Episode 8: Top 5 of our favorite activities/places in Sweden

Arturo, Alina and Sarah

This time your hosts are Alina, Arturo and Sarah, the first half of the group again reunited to talk about our 5 Top-related things we love the most from Sweden.

Hope you enjoy it.

Our dearest thanks to our friends, family, listeners and Sweden.

Arturo, Alina and Sarah

Episode 7: The European Unioin

Our guest Morgan Young, a political science student and Lieke talk about the European Union; how it all started, the current situation and the future. Want to get educated and top up your general knowledge? Then definitely listen to this episode on our Mixcloud or Spotify!

Episode 6: Superstitions and the Law of Attraction

Superstitions and The law of attraction

Superstitions, fears, scary movies and the law of attraction. In this episode, your hosts Lieke, Arturo, Fay and Vasilis talk a bit more about that kind of psychological stuff and we end with some positive vibes.

Superstitions and The law of attraction

Episode 5: Spring Time

Trädgardsföreningen Göteborg

Your hosts Alina, Arturo and Sarah took to the streets to find out what people think about spring. What belongs on a barbecue? What does spring really make us feel? And how do you pronounce "anemone"? Alina reveals a family special ability and Arturo brings you some lines that capture spring time.

The interviews were recorded at Trädgårdsföreningen in the city center - a big thank you goes out to our interviewees.

Trädgardsföreningen Göteborg

Episode 4: Celebrations

Episode 4: Cultures and Traditions #2

Beers at Octoberfest or shots (not necessarily alcoholic ones!) at a Cretan wedding? Chasing the Easter Bunny in Germany or catching the Easter fireworks in Greece? What happened to the Greek Easter bunny?
This week, our hosts talk about traditional habits of celebrating stuff in their home countries.

This week's Next Stop: Gothenburg crew: Alina, Vasilis and Fay

Episode 4: Cultures and Traditions #2

Episode 3: Cultures and Traditions

Sarah, Lieke and Arturo

Nej men hallå! We talked in this episode about our traditions from our countries.
From Sinterklaas in The Netherlands to piñatas in Mexico, and from the Day of the dead to Fête de l’escalade in Geneva, Switzerland.

Are you interested in our quintessential drinks and our traditional food? Come in and listen to it.

We assure you that you will learn something new today.

Sarah, Lieke and Arturo

Episode 2: Funny Stories

Vasilis, Fay and Lieke

"Glad påsk everyone!
Today at 13:00 (UTC +2) it is our next stop in K103 - Göteborgs Studentradio - 103.1 MHz. Meet the second half of our team, Lieke, Fay and Vasilis. Listen to our funny stories and find out more about what brought six strangers together in this charming city."

Vasilis, Fay and Lieke

Next Stop Gothenburg - The Comeback!

Arturo, Alina and Sarah

It took some time for this next stop but we are back! Six fresh faces will keep you company on your Saturdays at 1pm and together we will continue exploring this beautiful city, its culture, activities and people! Tune in to our first episode and meet half of the crew: Sarah, Alina and Arturo will share their first impressions of the city and tell you of the successes and misfortunes they experienced during their travels.

Arturo, Alina and Sarah

Next stop Gothenburg meets Elin Götmark

Elin Götmark is a lecturer at the department of Algebra and Geometry at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. She also belongs to the organization Skydda Skogen (Protect the forest) who works for protecting forest and commits to influence the Swedish environmental movement. We are talking about the current situation of Swedish forests. Reporter in this program is Lea Renaud.

What is special about student life in Gothenburg? Our international students will try to find the answer!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is the radioshow/podcast for international students in Gothenburg and anywhere else in the world.


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