Next Stop: Gothenburg

Episode 4: Celebrations

Episode 4: Cultures and Traditions #2

Beers at Octoberfest or shots (not necessarily alcoholic ones!) at a Cretan wedding? Chasing the Easter Bunny in Germany or catching the Easter fireworks in Greece? What happened to the Greek Easter bunny?
This week, our hosts talk about traditional habits of celebrating stuff in their home countries.

This week's Next Stop: Gothenburg crew: Alina, Vasilis and Fay

Episode 4: Cultures and Traditions #2

Episode 3: Cultures and Traditions

Sarah, Lieke and Arturo

Nej men hallå! We talked in this episode about our traditions from our countries.
From Sinterklaas in The Netherlands to piñatas in Mexico, and from the Day of the dead to Fête de l’escalade in Geneva, Switzerland.

Are you interested in our quintessential drinks and our traditional food? Come in and listen to it.

We assure you that you will learn something new today.

Sarah, Lieke and Arturo

Episode 2: Funny Stories

Vasilis, Fay and Lieke

"Glad påsk everyone!
Today at 13:00 (UTC +2) it is our next stop in K103 - Göteborgs Studentradio - 103.1 MHz. Meet the second half of our team, Lieke, Fay and Vasilis. Listen to our funny stories and find out more about what brought six strangers together in this charming city."

Vasilis, Fay and Lieke

Next Stop Gothenburg - The Comeback!

Arturo, Alina and Sarah

It took some time for this next stop but we are back! Six fresh faces will keep you company on your Saturdays at 1pm and together we will continue exploring this beautiful city, its culture, activities and people! Tune in to our first episode and meet half of the crew: Sarah, Alina and Arturo will share their first impressions of the city and tell you of the successes and misfortunes they experienced during their travels.

Arturo, Alina and Sarah

Next stop Gothenburg meets Elin Götmark

Elin Götmark is a lecturer at the department of Algebra and Geometry at the Department of Mathematical Sciences. She also belongs to the organization Skydda Skogen (Protect the forest) who works for protecting forest and commits to influence the Swedish environmental movement. We are talking about the current situation of Swedish forests. Reporter in this program is Lea Renaud.

Next Stop Gothenburg - EP. 1 Transportation

In this week's episode, we talk with Layla van der Oord - a cyclist from The Netherlands who works with Foodora here in Gothenburg. We explore the differences in getting around the two cities and the various approaches to transportation culture.

If you are interested in becoming a Foodora Rider, you can support Layla at this link:

Intro / outro music by Kevin Macleod.

A bit of everything: Activities in the city, favorite places, Ultimate frisbee and upcoming European Elections!


This week's episode is all about what you can do in town! From Chalmers Balloon Club to Ultimate Frisbee and Shooting, listen to us on Saturday at 1pm to learn more about how to keep yourself busy. We are also sending a little ***REMINDER*** for the upcoming elections. If you are wondering which elections are coming up... then let me tell you it is the EUROPEAN ELECTIONS!! All about the election campaign #thistimeimvoting and why we think it is important to vote, even if you are not at home but maybe studying abroad! Be a good citizen and go vote!
We are sharing some of our secret spots and sports with you, so don't miss our ultimate tips for where to get the best Kladkaka in town or where to find (Ulti-)mates.. while playing Ultimate! Well before the ultimate puns get out of control let me tell you: a great episode awaits you on saturday at 1 pm!

Alternatively re-listen us on Mixcloud:

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Stay excited!!
Marie and Karina

What is the Cortege? Facts about Couchsurfing with a *Special Guest* from Uruguay and Tips for Munich

The easter weekend is over and we are talking about easter egg hunting, what happened in the city and what events are coming up in the next days. While Karina is spending hours and hours on the builing site at Chalmers to get ready for the Cortege, a big parade in Gothenburg that is happening next week on Valborg, we are chatting in the studio about travelling and couchsurfing. This time joined by a really spontaneous guest Clara coming all the way from Uruguay. She is sharing her first hand experience on how to use the travel and socializing platform couchsurfing.

Stay exited and dont forget to tune in on saturday at 1 pm!

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Spring in Gothenburg, Daytrip to Oslo and Easter Traditions

At the moment it is still next stop: Haga for Karina and Marie. They have been planning the next show in the sunny city which will be aired next Saturday the 13th of April at 1 o'clock. It will be "Next Stop: Gothenburg" on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio again. They talk about Easter traditions, a daytrip to Oslo and what you can see there, how much are the fries at Burgerking and how you get around the city. Besides this they will share their observations what Swedes do when the first sun comes out. Tune in on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio next Saturday at 1pm!!

The weekend is close, stay strong allihopa!

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Next Stop: Gothenburg

Start your christmas break with your boys and girls from Next Stop: Gothenburg. In this last episode of the year the team looks back on their experiences in Göteborg with Music, Food and Loveee. On top of that, one of the most important people in town visits the studio: Jeff Marker, bartender at King’s Head ánd Queen’s Head.

Tune in on Saturday 22 December at 13:00 to radio K103, or listen to it as a podcast on mixcloud.

What is special about student life in Gothenburg? Our international students will try to find the answer!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is the radioshow/podcast for international students in Gothenburg and anywhere else in the world.


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