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Sadly, it is a last episode of the Quelquefois Cinema E16. In the last episode, DAVID, host of the cinema talks about his own story in Gothenburg. He would talk about his own story and experience in Gothenburg. Also, do not miss the last greeting of DAVID!

STORY from the music album [KEUNG] made by CJAMM What an interesting artist!

I bring a well-made and interesting album named [KEUNG]. The artist is CJAMM, and he is famous for being arrested for the use of illegal drugs in South Korea. How his life and philosophy was mixed into his music? Hope you do not miss the interesting artists and more fun episode!

A Story of a special guest Sohee living in Gothenburg

We have very special episode this time. I invited Sohee, who is an exchange student of HDK, majoring in design. She would present very interesting story that she really experienced in Gothenburg. Let's see Sohee's story in Quelquefois Cinema E16!

'Peaky Blinders' are waiting for you to come! (with special guest Jenny)

Peaky Blinders, which is available on Netflix, is the one that deals with gangsters in Birmingham, British. Qulequefois Cinema E16 delves into the secrets of Peaky Blinders, trying to reveal why it is more fascinating than other typical gangster drama. Special and wonderful guest Jenny, who is the first guest of our show, would help you understand the series!

How female character is created? Secrets of attractive female characters

In this time, Qulequefois Cinema shows you the way that active and attractive female character is created by comparing traditional character to newly created one. Join to Quelquefois Cinema in Saturday 15:00!

A Fascinating story is waiting for you! Netflix Original Series

What would happen if scientific technology has developed a lot more than now? Netflix original series 'Black Mirror' shows the scenery of the future, which is somewhere between the hope and the catastrophe. What would happen when soul could live forever in virtual reality? What would happen when parents could see what his/her daughter see in her eyes? 'Black Mirror' series shows this story, which is quite interesting. Why 'Black Mirror'is a lot more interesting than other dramas or films that deals with the developed technology? What is the secret of it? Let's check on the Quelquefois Cinema E16! This cinema is free of charge.

Second Episode is coming! Netflix Original Film <Persona>

Second Episode is about to come! Netflix original film is a omnibus film consisted of four short film. All short film is different such as storyline, character, and etc, except for the one thing; the main actress. One actress acted as a main character in all four films. It is so interesting to see four different 'persona' of one talented actress in one film. What is the most important in constructing story? What is an ideal role of an actor/actress? Let's go to the quelquefois Cinema and seat at E16!

Premiere! Explore movies and storytelling with David Cho

In the first episode, you will meet the story of a Korean firefighter and three death angels, based on a Korean traditional history. The films “Along with the gods: the two worlds” and “Along with the gods: the last 49 days” show you the Korean hell, which you may not have meet before. You could also have a useful discussion with me on an important social value. Would you like to join? You are most welcomed!

If you want to go to cinema and watch a movie without any plan, just visit Quelquefois Cinema and have a seat on E16. Hope you enjoy the movie that you have never seen.


Hyunseo David Cho.

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