Russia, Nizhny Novgorod by Xenia


Nizhny Novgorod was introduced by Xenia as the fifth biggest city in Russia with its 1,5 milion inhabitants. It is an important transit point. Since 1221 all kind of materials, exotic spices and hand-crafted goods were transported along the main river – Volga - straight to Moskov and Kazan. Back then there was just a small Cremlin (old town) protected from intruders by bricked walls. Now it is a huge metropolis, attracting young people with educational possibilities at Lubachevski University and Since Center. As the tourist you cannot miss walk along the Pakrovka street, enjoy it XIX century charm and discover local products such as: matrioshka or gzelka. From the old town you can also admire the view on an enormously wide riverbed of Volga and spacious russian landscape.
What then Xenia opinion about Gothenburg – in comparison to her home town? No better way to get to know then just listen to the show.


AGORA is a talk-show,
where together with my guests in the studio,
we are trying to find a new perspective
of the city of Gothenburg:

Inside out and outside in.

In order to get a new point of view of the city we are presenting Gothenburg in a juxtaposition to a wide array of place all around the world.

My guests are citizens of Gothenburg: some of them have been living here just few months, while the others-for few years. They are coming from different places all around the world. They are inviting the listeners to their hometowns and comparing their cities to Gothenburg (the outside in perspective).

Some of my interlocutors have been living in Gothenburg (or in its close neighbourhood) since they are born. They are sharing with their experience of this city as a point of departure to discover other remote places. They are comparing the other spots to Gothenburg (inside out perspective).

All in all, the program is about presenting other cities vs Gothenburg.

You are also welcome to join the program as my guest!
If interested please contact me via e-mail:

Enjoy the show :)!


Edyta Swiatek.

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