India, Bengaluru by Kedar


This Friday Kedar is taking us to Benaglaluru. The city, where on twice bigger territory than area of Gothenburg lives fifteen times more people. In order not to get overwhelmed with the fusion of colours and scents carried by the people on the crowded pavements we are asking our guide to lead us through an ordinary student day in here. To get to University we are not taking the public transportation-since just a small percentage of society do. Instead we are saving some time in transit by taking our own means of transport: like a motorbike or a car. After the first part of lectures we are leaving for a lunch to the fast food restaurant. However-it is not the ‘McDonalds’ type restaurant as we call in our minds. Here you are eating typical southern-India dishes while standing at the chest-high tables. The meals are delicious and the way it is served becomes a style on its own. Unfortunately, when the break is over we need to come back to our duties. Hopefully we have some nice plans for the evening so a thought about it will keep us in a positive mood. We will go for a small chat at a café or meet some folks at a friend’s place. Whatever we choose we would stay rather indoor since outdoor environment is crowded and chaotic.
Kedar is living in Gothenburg for a quite long time. When asked what kind of places he likes to visit he mentioned Hasslebladcenter in the Art Museum and Röhsska museum. His free time he usually spends indoor, as he used to in India. However, when asked about a tip for a tourist in Gothenburg – without any hesitation he advised to buy a Västtrafik (public transportation company) card and take a trip to Southern Archipelago. Apparently there is something magical and appealing in local nature and landscape.


Finland, Helsinki by Sailja


Is it true that Finish are very calm and quiet people sitting all days in saunas and drinking alternately coffee and alcohol? The last show before Christmas we spend with Sailja in Helsinki breaking all of those prejudices. That is why we are visiting karaoke pubs to experience a bit of finish welcoming energy. However we cannot miss a visit at sauna. There is always a grain of truth in every stereotype…
Sailja highly recommends exploring Helsinki during sunny summer days. Especially if you want to stay a bit longer outdoor to be able to visit the fortress called ‘Swedished fortress’-‘Sveaborg’. This cultural heritage is on the UNESCO list and is one of the mayor touristic attractions due to its picturesque location on the six islands belonging to the Helsinki’s area.
When it comes to Gothenburg, the different she notices compared to Helsinki are very tiny. She feels that Gothenburg is having more active social life though is more welcoming. She is very active in both organizing an participating in many events for so called ‘Internationals’. This term is used to describe all the people coming to Gothenburg from abroad and staying – or planning to stay in the city a bit longer than just for a couple of days.
For ones who would like to join international community in Gothenburg is welcome to come on one of the weekly meetings. Every Sunday at 13.00 is organized a fika at World Culture’s Museum and every Monday at Frank’s coffe at 18.00 is a boarding game evening. Also every first Friday of the month you can meet coach-surfers at Brygghuset at Järntorget.
All of those meetings are held in english. Feel welcome.


Nigeria, Warri by Okes

Okes Masima

Hi EVERYONE! Okes Maisma is sending for you hot African music!
The vibrant percussion with saxophone’s accompaniment and enchanting choirs becomes apparent ornament during our conversation. We discuss the climate influence on the peoples’ mood and ambient in the public spaces in Warri (Nigeria) and Gothenburg. Okes is teaching as a bit of Pidgin English and clarify main things distinctive for someone coming from Europe. Everything to compare or maybe more – to contrast those two places.
We also took a part of the discussion to invite ALL OF YOU for the concert Sounds of Africa-Capmagin against Ebola! So if you liked the music during the show and you would like to contribute for Red Cross found against Ebola you are more than welcome to take part in this event!
It is on Wednesday, 17th December in Götahof Fest and Scen. Between 8p.m. and 1 a.m. you will have the chance to both listen to music from all ends of the Africa and participate in lectures and seminars about Ebola. Don’t miss this chance for the unique evening!

More information about the concert:

Okes Masima

Iceland, Reykjavik by Sofia


Sofia is coming from Iceland, the country of ice and fire. She moved here a little bit more than one year ago. She perceives Gothenburg as a spread city since Reykjavik is very compact. While studying here she misses a possibility of going out with her friends to outdoor swimming pools. Isn’t it too cold in Island to swim outside? ’No! It’s even better!’-says Sofia. For her sitting in a hot tub is one of the best things man can do in the cold day, since the volcanoes are constantly heating up the water. If anyway you prefer to spend your free time indoor she recommends the ‘Danish Bar’. There is always crowded, but that’s exactly what gives the atmosphere to the place and makes it even more popular.
Once you are in Reykjavik obviously you cannot miss the northern lights and… you need to try icelandic meal based on lamb meat. Or based on anything coming from sheep… Challenge accepted?


Taiwan, Taipei by Johan


Johan is originally coming from Alingsås, but he has strong bonds with Gothenburg since he has been living here during his study period, in total for about ten years. Moreover, as he was claiming outside the studio, all the towns around Gothenburg, due to its accessibility, like Mölndal, Alingsås and Lerum, are affected by the bigger city. It’s often less than half an hour to Gothenburg city, and thus, many people chose to commute, and the smaller cities gets a tougher time to keep their own identity.

During the interview Johan was sharing his rich experience of living six years in Taiwan. He is inviting us to the capital, Taipei. Thanks to him we are enjoying a first glimpse into a diverse city lifestyle in Eastern Asia. He was taking us for a cup of coffee to a very ‘hip’ area in Taipei: Ximen, which in Chinese means “west gate” and is a memory of the old city wall that surrounded the city a long time ago. There he is explaining ordinary habits of inhabitants of Taipei. He also recommends some ‘must see’ spots like: National Palace Museum or the restaurant on the top of the tallest building in the city: “Taipei 101”- from where we can admire the view upon the skyline (508 meters high). I hope you will not miss this notional trip to Taipei. Finally, Johan also recommends the nearby hiking spots of northern Taiwan. They are easily reached from Taipei city, and there on can find wild hot springs and interesting cities form the Gold rush of Taiwan.
Welcome to Taipei!

If you would like to know more about Taiwan you are welcome to read Johan ́s blog:


France, Nantes by Veasna


We are taking a small walk through Nantes with Veasna: we are visiting a castle, a LU biscuits factory and having a lunch in a chalmrful french restaurant. When we are coming back to Gothenburg, we are seeing the city from Veasna's perspective. You are welcome to join us!


AGORA is a talk-show,
where together with my guests in the studio,
we are trying to find a new perspective
of the city of Gothenburg:

Inside out and outside in.

In order to get a new point of view of the city we are presenting Gothenburg in a juxtaposition to a wide array of place all around the world.

My guests are citizens of Gothenburg: some of them have been living here just few months, while the others-for few years. They are coming from different places all around the world. They are inviting the listeners to their hometowns and comparing their cities to Gothenburg (the outside in perspective).

Some of my interlocutors have been living in Gothenburg (or in its close neighbourhood) since they are born. They are sharing with their experience of this city as a point of departure to discover other remote places. They are comparing the other spots to Gothenburg (inside out perspective).

All in all, the program is about presenting other cities vs Gothenburg.

You are also welcome to join the program as my guest!
If interested please contact me via e-mail:

Enjoy the show :)!


Edyta Swiatek.

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