A Taste of My Country

A Taste of Swing - Armstrong, Goodman and Ellington

The second episode of a summer taste of jazz is around the corner!
We are giving you a bit of a taste of what is swing!
Swing is a very specific genre of jazz born inthe 20's, and very dedicated to soloists performances.
The great artists of this particular genre are Ellington, armstrong goodman and many more!
That music was commonly played by black Jazzmen for white American to dance on during venues and was greatly influenced by fast pace in many cases.
Below you'll find the tracklists!
Tune in at 6pm or find our podcast on the link below

#1 - Duke Ellington - In a sentimental mood
#2 - Duke Ellington - Battle of Swing
#3 - Duke Ellington - Prelude to a Kiss
#4 - Duke Ellington - Lady of the lavender Mist
#5 - Duke Ellington - I can't believe that you're in love with me
#6 - Duke Ellington - Take the A train
#7 - Duke ellington - a midnight in paris
#8 - Duke ellington - It dont mean a thing
#9 - Louis Armstrong - Aint Misbheavin
#10 - Louis Armstrong - Some of these days
#11 - Louis Armstrong and Ella fitzgerald - Summertime
#12 - Benny Goodman - King porter Stomp

Premiere: A Summer Taste of Jazz - Chet Baker

Weell, if you thought we were done with you during the summer.. you are wrong!
As the summer begins, I have prepared some great shows for the next couple of weeks!
!!Jazz is on the menu!!
Nessim is giving you the finest of the greatest jazz artists of the 20th century, Armstrong, Parker, Goodman, Dizzy, Blakey, Baker, Billie holliday... and many more!
Today we are going to discover the magnificent trumpet of Mr Chet Baker!
Tune in at 6pm! And also enjoy the midsummer day!

A Taste of Belgium #9

You probably recognized her.. the talented Kat from Belgium, host of the Nefertiti jam session this year and bassist!
Kat is in A Taste Of My Country today with me to give us some great insight on Jazz from Belgium!

This is the very last episode of this semester, on behalf of me and K103 we wish you all a great summer full of music, adventure, friends and family reunions!


Tired of listening to the same music over the radio, on the internet or on TV? Can’t take the commercial and popular music anymore?! Well in A Taste of My Country we discover music from all around the world. Every week a new guest is invited to present the music from their country. From their childhood music all the way to the current trend attached to cultural or social aspect, our guest will make us taste the vibe and the feel of their country!

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