A Taste of My Country

A Taste of the French Touch #10

Hello everyone!

I'm back after a longue summer break!
Happy to start a new season of A Taste of My Country to discover mysterious music from countries around the world!

Today i'm giving the taste of my own country, and more specifically: The French Touch!
THe french touch is a style of music that was born in the mid 90's and that featured djs such as the daft punk, modjo and so many more!

Here is the link of the podcast qnd the Track List:

1. Modjo - Lady
2. Daft Punk - One More Time
3. Demon - You are my high
4. Fred Falke - 808 at the beach
5. Pheonix - If i ever feel better
6. The refresher - The love of your Time
7. Cassius - Cassius 1999
8, Justice - D.A.N.C.E

Mixcloud link:

Enjoy and stay tune every friday at 6pm!

Tired of listening to the same music over the radio, on the internet or on TV? Can’t take the commercial and popular music anymore?! Well in A Taste of My Country we discover music from all around the world. Every week a new guest is invited to present the music from their country. From their childhood music all the way to the current trend attached to cultural or social aspect, our guest will make us taste the vibe and the feel of their country!

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