A Taste of My Country

A Taste of Iran #17

A taste of Iran #17

Nessim is of to Berlin for the weekend, but the show must go on! And this one is going to be really exciting, featuring a Persian playlist of Sara. The music culture in Iran is quite different from the Swedish one, but covers a huge variety of styles. Enjoy the music and expect some Bildung tonight on A Taste of My Country: Iran.

Tired of listening to the same music over the radio, on the internet or on TV? Can’t take the commercial and popular music anymore?! Well in A Taste of My Country we discover music from all around the world. Every week a new guest is invited to present the music from their country. From their childhood music all the way to the current trend attached to cultural or social aspect, our guest will make us taste the vibe and the feel of their country!

Facebook profile link below if you are interested in presenting the music from your country!



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