A Year of Albums

A Year of Albums - Patrick

A selection of  3 album covers, Sleaford Mods, Donovan and Tirzah

For the second episode of A Year of Albums Declan is joined by Patrick. Going from Patrick's love of electronic music in all its forms, and avoidance of country and hip-hop, Declan puts together a selection of tracks for Patrick to give his opinion on. The result is a varied mix for Patrick to pass judgement on.


Tirzah - Malfunction

Sleaford Mods - Kebab Spider

Donovan - Goldwatch Blues

A selection of  3 album covers, Sleaford Mods, Donovan and Tirzah

Premiere: A Year Of Albums - Mirja

In the first episode of A Year of Album’s Declan is joined by Mirja, freelance journalist and Master’s student from Helsinki. They listen to a selection of four tracks chosen by Declan based on what genres Mirja says she likes. What follows is an all-female selection of country-folk, indie, French surf-rock and British post-punk.


Linda Perhacs – Paper Mountain Man

Kate Jackson – Stranded

Juniore – A La Plage

Goat Girl – Creep

A Year of Albums is a show in which Declan shares his favourite tracks that he’s discovered this year with a guest. His New Year’s Resolution was to listen to a new album each day and now he’s found more new music than he knows what to do with. Tune in to hear him play a chosen selection of a few of his favourite tracks for a new guest to listen to (and judge) each week.


Declan McCann.


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