A Year of Albums

A Year of Albums - Best of January

This week Declan takes a look back at January in A Year of Albums, looking at some of the best music he was lucky to discover. It ends up being an eclectic mix of Afro-rock, Somali funk, Gulf and Western, and more.


Assagai - Telephone Girl

Dur Dur Band - Dooyo

Jimmy Buffett - Life Is Just A Tire Swing

Vashti Bunyan - Diamond Day

Ata Kak - Daa Nyinaa

Listen on Mixcloud: https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/a-year-of-albums-best-of-january-k103-2002...

A Year of Albums is a show in which Declan shares his favourite tracks that he’s discovered this year with a guest. His New Year’s Resolution was to listen to a new album each day and now he’s found more new music than he knows what to do with. Tune in to hear him play a chosen selection of a few of his favourite tracks for a new guest to listen to (and judge) each week.


Declan McCann.

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