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One year on the air

Bassline FM

Damn time goes fast. For a start we wanted to thank everyone who made this possible, but then we realized that what we really needed to do was to invite everyone who has been on the show to go and represent their style of music and to gratulate us. And yes, there were cake!
Back2back2back bizniz (in no specific order):
O-Diggity [Rough Lynx]
Struck [What the Fuck]
Lil P [Popeye Sound]
Leaf [Struktur]
Kristoffer [Soul Love]
Yohan [Shambler]
Icepick [Shocks]
Shaka [Shambler]
Tafuri [Groove Radio]
Audio RVLT [Shocks]

Plus residents: Losca, Malign, TRPR & Zub from Bassline Express.

And on a shitty phone connection:
Leroy in London, UK

Bassline FM

Every Tuesday Bassline Express gives you some serious sub-bass. Mainly focusing on Dubstep & Drum&bass but we're always up for some experimental.




+46 720 19 72 17



Amazing A, Leroy, Losca, Malign, TRPR och Zub.

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