Chainsaw Dandies

Alpaca Sports/Linnea Olsson/Milano Sun

The Mary Onettes - Will I Ever Be Ready
Simian Ghost - Curtain Call
Kent - 999
Japandroids - The House That Heaven Built
Milano Sun - Already Gone
-M- - Where Chewing Is Exercise
LCTRISC - Please Wait On Yourself
Linnea Olsson - Dinosaur
Josefina Sanner - Don't Stop
Axealia Banks - Fuck Up The Fun
Alpaca Sports - Just For Fun
Alpaca Sports - I'll Never Win
Easy - Greatest Show On Earth
Iamamiwhoami - Play

Chainsaw Dandies is an anagram of "Swedish" and "Canadian" and hence, or rather, is named thus because the show focus on bands from Sweden and Canada. With a combined population of only 42 million people these two small countries are nonetheless huge music powerhouses. Is it because of their cold winters, their expansive out doors or something entirely else? This show may just find the answer. No genre is off limit, although indiepop, indie rock and electronic will be in heavy rotation.


David Marshall.

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