Discovery Sessions

discovery sessions #52 - Make That Move (180210)

Jimmy Ruffin - What Becomes of the Broken Hearted
The Elgins - Stay In My Lonely Arms
Percy Sledge - Warn and Tender Love
Stevie Wonder - All Day Sucker
Eddie Holman - This Will Be a Night to Remember
Thelma Houston - Today Will Soon Be Yesterday
Gloria Gaynor - Let Me Know (I Have a Right)
Geraldine Hunt - Look All Around
Shalamar - Make That Move
Cher - Take Me Home
Unlimited Touch - I Hear Music In the Street

Rikard och Martin rotar bland historiens undangömda soulskatter och discodiamanter. Mycket musik, lagom prat - perfekt före, under eller efter festen.



Martin Janzon och Rikard Sjögren.

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