Discovery Sessions

discovery sessions #65 Soul 100: plats 46-36 (20190328)

36 Gene Chandler I'll Make The Living If You Make The Loving Worthwhile
37 Bill Harris Am I Cold, Am I Hot (1975)
38 The Tams Be Young, Be Foolish, Be Happy (1968)
39 Cornelius Brothers Too Late to Turn Back Now (1972)
40 The Drifters There Goes My Baby (1959)
41 The Five Stairsteps O Oh Child (1970)
42 Al Green Tired of Being Alone (1971)
43 Eugene Record Overdose of Joy (1977)
44 Diana Ross Aint No Mountain High Enough (1970)
45 Laura Greene Moonlight Music And You (1967)
46 The Floaters Float On (1977)

Rikard och Martin rotar bland historiens undangömda soulskatter och discodiamanter. Mycket musik, lagom prat - perfekt före, under eller efter festen.



Martin Janzon och Rikard Sjögren.

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