Spendera sommaren med Downright

Tro inte att det blir tyst i etern bara för att vi är på semester. Såhär ser sommarens schema ut:

2010-07-10 - I Can't Speak med Andreas Dienel
2010-07-17 - Silky Soul med Lasse Bång
2010-07-24 - Let Me Stay
2010-07-31 - Under The Cover-Up med Helena Strömdahl
2010-08-07 - For The Love Of You med Jens Chreisti
2010-08-14 - Hold On med Def-Lef
2010-08-21 - Stay Up Zimbabwe med Fredrik 'Soulpower' Andersson
2010-08-28 - Search For Tomorrow med Simon Murray

En massa godbitar att se fram emot med andra ord. Se nu till att skruva upp radion på grillfesten varje lördag under sommaren så hörs vi igen i september.

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Superhero soul - Live med Magnus Hjorth

Magnus H.

Spellista för 2009-12-12.
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Crystal Motion - You're My Main Squeeze [Sound Gems]
Paulette Reeves - You Are My Star
Hesitations - She Won't Come Back [Kapp] LP
Buddy Lamp - I Wanna Go Home [Wheelsville]
Lamont Dozier - Cool Me Out [Columbia]
The Dells - Wear It On Our Face [Cadet]
Gene Chandler & Barbara Acklin - Will I Find Love [Brunswick] LP
Donnie Elbert - Got To Get Myself Together [Rare Bullet]
Percy Sledge - You're Pouring Water On A Drowning Man [Atlantic] EP
Jackie Wilson - It Only Happens When I Look At You [Brunswick]
Magnificent Men - All Your Lovin's Gone To My Head [Capitol]
Impressions - You've Been Cheating [ABC Paramount]
Harold Melvin & The Blue Notes - Where Are All My Friends [PIR]
Bleu Lights - The End Of My Dream [Bay Sound]
Shades Of Blue - Happiness [Impact]
Curtis Mayfield - We Gotta Have Peace [Polarvox] LP

Magnus H.

Rabbit in a hat

Spellista för 2009-12-05.
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* Luther Vandross - Better love [Epic]
* Leroy Hutson - Lover's Holiday [Curtom]
* DJ Spinna Ft Angela Johnson - Glad You're Mine
* Peo & Mirjam - Everything [Sundae]
* Raphael Saadiq Ft Stevie Wonder & Cj - Never Give You Up
* Natural Four - Love's So Wonderful [Curtom] LP
* Jeff Perry - Call On Me
* Modulations - I Can't Fight Your Love [Buddah]
* Black Ivory - Mainline
* Brief Encounter - Human [Sound Plus]
* Four Tops - Still Water (Love) [Motown]
* Carl Carlton - This Feeling's Rated X-tra
* Beloyd - Get Into Your Life [20th Century]

Under the cover-up - Live med Helena Strömdahl

Helena Strömdahl at Soulastatic

Spellista för 2009-11-28.
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Fat Larry's Band - Center City [WMOT]
Lv Johnson - I Love You, I Want You, I Need You [Ica]
Maurice Moore & The Family Band - Everything That Shines Ain't Gold [Marjon]
Jeanette Holloway - I Won't Be Around [Dash]
Rising Sun - Good Loving [Kingston]
C.O.D.'s - Funky Disco [Magic Touch]
Eugene Jefferson - A Pretty Girl Dressed In Brown [Open]
Flairs - You Got To Steal It [RAP]
Mickey & Ernie - Baby I'm In Love [Hot Line Music Journal]
Doris Smallwood - Second That Emotion [Cared]
Larry Hobson C/U
Harold - Shortage Of Love [Je-Har]
James Knight & The Butlers - There Goes My Baby [Concho]
Esther Williams - Last Night Changed It All [Friends & Co.]

Helena Strömdahl at Soulastatic

Spellista från K103 festen

A.J. Brown - Making Love Together [Music Maestro]
Leon Haywood - Keep It In The Family [Casablanca]
The DMX Affair - One Time To Make It Right [Creative Funk]
Larry McGee Revolution - The Burg [Boogie Band]
Bill Spoon - Love Is On The Way [Highland]
James 'Bootie' Tuten - This Is A Love Affair [Ultimate]
The Cool Notes - Spend The Night [Abstract Dance]
Ronnie McNeir - Good Side Of Your Love [Tortoise International]
Clausel - Let Me Love You [Up Right]
Tyrone Thomas - You're Hardly Gone [Polydor]
Pictures - I'm Gonna See You Through [Southwest Experience]

We need more cowbell

Spellista för 2009-11-07.
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* Starvue - Put The BS Aside [MIR]
* Weapons Of Peace - This Life's (About To Get Me Down) [Playboy]
* Bloodstone - Just Wanna Get The Feel Of It
* Carolyn Crawford - If You Move, You Lose [PIR]
* The Rhythm Machine - Put A Smile On Time
* Gloria Gaynor - This Love Affair [Polydor]
* Djavan - Serrado
* The Pretenders - I Call It Love [Carnival]
* Dionne Warwick - Deja Vu
* Karin Jones - You Know Me, I Know You [Handshake] LP
* Three Ounces Of Love - In The Middle Of A Feeling [Motown]
* Elvin Spencer - Lift This Hurt [E.S. Cozy]
* Four Flights - All I Wanis You [Almeria]

I can't speak - Live med Andreas Dienel

Andreas Dienel bakom spelarna på Soulastatic

Spellista för 2009-10-31.
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Haloween - Come And See What It's All About [Mercury]
Benny Johnson - Visions Of Paradise [Today]
The Reasons For Being - Changes [Fontana]
The Vipers - Little Miss Sweetness [Dutchess]
The Cheers - Take Me To Paradise [Okeh]
The Masqueraders - How [La-Beat]
Gwen Owens - Mystery Man [Oncore]
Darrow Fletcher - My Young Misery [Groovy]
Senator Jones - Do You Love Me [Shagg]
Jon Tee - You Made A Lover Out Of Me [Jay Tone]
Betty Wilson & The 4 Bars - I´m Yours [Dayco]
Lucille Mathis - I´m Not Your Regular Woman [Abet]
Lonnie Lester - You Can´t Go [Nu Tone]
West Coast Distributors - Girl (I Love You) [Jam-Cha]
Thelma Lindsay - Why Wheren´t You There [Magic City]
Jimmy Bo Horn - I Can´t Speak [Dade]

Andreas Dienel bakom spelarna på Soulastatic

Ett program för alla soulies! Varje lördag mellan 20 och 21 bjuder Downright-gänget och de eminenta gästerna på modern soul, northern, crossover, boogie, disco med mera.


Kristoffer Ahl och Micke Balkefors.

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