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Electronics Specialized EP01 - DJ Bone

Welcome to Electronics Specialized! Your hosts are two techno dj's called Jakob Wojenko and DaveLK.

Our vision is to showcase independent and lesser known artists and labels within' the techno genre and its sub-genres. We are however not restricted by only techno, so other electronic genres will be explored aswell!

Jakob deliveres the first episode and it's dedicated to the Detroit-legend, DJ Bone!

The mix contains only tracks by DJ Bone between 2004-2019, some techno, some ambient and a dash of electro!

Hope you'll enjoy!

Electronics Specialized's main focus is showcasing independent and lesser known artists and labels within the Techno-music spectrum and its sub-genres but is not limited to this, which means that other electronic genres will be explored. Hosted by DJ's Jakob Wojenko and Dave.LK.


Jakob Wojenko och Dave.LK..


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