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Electronics Specialized EP02 - In Silent Series

Welcome to Episode 2 of Electronics Specialized, the show were we dive deeper into lesser known and independent labels and artist within electronic music!

David brings us this month's mix and it's all about the record-label In Silent Series and their sample-based ten EP's that were released this year.
The goal for the artists during these 10 EP's was to only use samples that the label supplied them with. All music in this mix is fresh from 2020 and only contains tracks
from this serie of EP's.

Expect heavy techno with ambient soundscapes and unregular, broken beats.

As usual, you can listen to us each saturday beteween 18.00 - 19.00 on the on 103,1FM within the Gothenburg area, on Mixcloud or on our Soundcloud.

Electronics Specialized's main focus is showcasing independent and lesser known artists and labels within the Techno-music spectrum and its sub-genres but is not limited to this, which means that other electronic genres will be explored. Hosted by DJ's Jakob Wojenko and Dave.LK.


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