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In the latest episode of F-EMME, Sofia, Michaela, and Sunna talk about something a little more fun--dating! They discuss everything from dating apps to what they're looking for in a date and their dating experiences. Do you have any thoughts on dating as a feminist? Please share them with us at femme@k103.se.

You can listen to this episode anytime on mixcloud, https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/f-emme-30-10-18-swipe-right-on-this-episod....

Next week, join us for a conversation about the discrimination faced by women in sports.

F-EMME is a space for us to discuss feminist issues and initiatives, often drawing from our own experiences and opinions as young women.


Sunna Gustafsson, Taylor Goodnoe, Sofia Fisher och Antonia Rauth.


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