Pesos for Bezos

The recent high-profile divorce of Mackenzie and Jeff Bezos prompted this episode of F-EMME, about the unpaid work women do in partnerships, their contributions to their partners accomplishments, and the lack of acknowledgement and reward they receive. We also ask an important question, is it "feminist" when an woman is granted (or seeks) her ex-husbands money in a divorce?

You can listen to this episode and all of our past episodes anytime on Mixcloud, https://www.mixcloud.com/K103/playlists/f-emme/.

Image from Wikimedia Commons.

F-EMME is a space for us to discuss feminist issues and initiatives, often drawing from our own experiences and opinions as young women.


Sofia Widerberg Fisher, Lora Gremeaux och Vilma Ellemark.


Lördagar 15:00 - 16:00

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