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Sustainable development, right here, right now!

"Sustainable development is like teenage sex - everybody claims they are doing it but most people aren’t, and those that are, are doing it very badly"

— Professor Chris J Spray

Global Voices focus is on Sustainable development this time. We all hear about, we talk about but how much we know about it?

Inspired from The Gothenburg Award on Sustainable Development (GASD) we thought to make our contribution and bring this concept one more time in the minds of our listeners. Apart our insightful Vox Pop, you have the chance to listen an interesting interview with the winner of this year's award, Dr.Micheal Biddle.

Host of tonight's show:
Ermelinda Kanushi, Hanna Katarina Nyroos

VoxPop interviews: Ermelinda Kanushi
Micheal Biddle interview: Hanna Katarina Nyroos

Below also a video of the second price winner Björn Söderberg on his project in Nepal.

Global Voices look back at the events of 2012 tonight at 9pm on K103

The world is falling apart this weekend, according to the Maya Calendar. But we're not gonna talk about that.
Instead, since the year is ending, whether falling apart or not, we'll take a look at some of the global events of 2012. Some go for Christmas, some go for Santa Lucia, and some for Hannukkah, while we at Global Voices just go back in time.
Global Voices' team went into the field to ask students in Gothenburg on their opinion about the year that we are leaving behind. What has happened worldwide this year? Can we say that 2012 has been a continuation of 2011, or a beginning of something new?
In the show, we also highlight some of the more forgotten events of the past year.
Listen to our show tonight to remember what you forgot and to learn about what you missed.

Hosts: Anna Reumert and Ermelinda Kanushi
Voxpop interviews: Senka Purkovic and Patrik Wendeblad
Some sneaks from tonight's show:

Video 1:
October 2012: Austrian skydiver Felix Baumgartner becomes the first person to break the sound barrier without any machine assistance during a record space dive out of the Red Bull Stratos helium-filled balloon from 24 miles (39 kilometers) over Roswell, New Mexico in the United States.

Video 2:
November 2012: The UN General Assembly approves a motion granting Palestine non-member observer state status

Video 3:
November-December 2012: Typhoon Bopha, known as "Pablo" in the Philippines, kills at least 1020 with around 844 people still missing. The typhoon caused considerable damage in the island of Mindanao.

Students & politics in the US

Global Voices are back! Tonight we focus on students' role in American politics from two angles; the Democrats' and Republicans' take on higher education, and young voters' participation in the recent US Presidential election. In connection, we have interviewed Benjamin Gerber, representative of Democrats Abroad, and Thomas Van Hare, representative of Republicans Abroad on these issues.
Hosts of tonight's show:
Ermelinda Kanushi
Anna Reumert

Here's a sneak from the show...

Premiär för Global Voices!

Dagens program behandlar temat konvertering. I programmet får ni bland annat möta en svensk tjej som har konverterat från kristendomen till islam. Med oss har vi även en kubansk präst inom Ifa religionen som före detta var ateist. Vi har också frågat studenter om deras syn på religion/konvertering. Dagens program är på engelska, med intervjuer gjorda på svenska.

Dagens Programledare: Anna Reumert, Ermelinda Kanushi

Voxpop Intervjuare: Ermelinda Kanushi

Intervju av Mathilda: Senka Purkovic, Patrik Wendeblad

Intervju med Julio: Anna Reumert

Teknik: Hanna Katarina Nyroos

Global Voices är programmet för dig som är intresserad av det som händer i världen. Vi tar upp utrikespolitiska ämnen och blandar stort som smått. Tycker du att Sverige är för litet, då är Global Voices något för dig! Programmet görs i samarbete med Utrikespolitiska föreningen (Göteborg)s medlemstidning Utblick.
Vi diskuterar ämnen som relaterar till utrikespolitiska frågor och inkluderar såväl lokala som globala röster. Vårt syfte är att bidra till en ökad förståelse för världen omkring oss.

Are you interested in what's happening around the world? Global Voices raises different topics within foreign politics. We bring up big and small topics. If you think Sweden's too small, then Global Voices is the programme for you! The programme is cooperating with Utrikespolitiska föreningen (Göteborg)'s magazine Utblick. We discuss topics related to global affairs and incorporate voices, local and global, to broaden our view of the world surrounding us.


Patrik Wendeblad, Senka Purkovic, Anna Reumert, Ermelinda Kanushi, Hanna Katarina Nyroos, David Skansholm och Susanna Németh.

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