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Diana Krall and her contralto voice

Tonight on Jazz Your Mind Up, Diana Krall is giving us the chill with her magical contralto voice.
From Canada, she got famous in the early 90s, revisiting Nat king Cole's best jazz pieces, by adding her talents and skills on the piano!
Tune in tonight at 10pm!

Charles Mingus and his bass

Charles Mingus is one of the most, and probably the only one, famous Jazz Bassist. Not so many managed to make a name of themselves and becoming bandleaders as bassist players, but Mingus did, and he is one of the greatest jazz musician of his time!

Benjamin Herman & Freddie Hubbard

Jazz Your Mind up is back on k103!
Dive into the story of one of the greatest Saxophonist in the Netherlands : Benjamin Herman! Started out in the early 90s and still producing today with its band The New Collective, Benjamin Herman has travelled the world to become one of the best saxophonist of his generation
And as always , the second part will focus on the portrait of one incredible Trumpetist, the one and only Freddie Hubbard!

Sonya Hedenbratt & Art Blakey

Tonight is a focus on the gothenburg jazz scene for our first segment, with Sonya Hedenbratt, with her magical voice.
In the second part we dive into the pioneer of jazz drums with the Art of Blakey

Tune in at 22pm, it's 100% jazz

The TrumpetsMen with Rolf Ericson and Hank Mobley

Tonight, prepare your ears for some discovery on yet again Swedish jazz artists and portrait of american jazz artists
Rolf Ericson tonight on Jazz your Mind up, great trumpetist of his time, pioneer in the swedish jazz scene, and his counterpart in the US, Mister Hank Mobley, the middleweight tenor sax, one of the best of his time.
Tune in tonight at 22pm, to cool down on a rainy Gothenburg

Nessim Kleiche

The Magical voices of Jazz from Sweden to New York

In this second edition we are going on a journey from sweden to new york to discover the magical voices of Jazz.
In the first segment Monica Zetterlund and Alice Babs, both swedish actresses and singers changed the perception of jazz in sweden with their unique voices.
In the second part we adress the talented chet baker, a beautiful voice and a talented trumpetist.

As usual, not too much talking.. just 100% jazz.
Tune in at 22:00

Jazz your min up Premiere - The genesis of Swedish Jazz and the Coltrane Changes

Finally it is here!

Your favorite jazz stories and standards, but also the swedish jazz scene that we know little about.
Sweden is one of the earliest countries to have created their own jazz compositions already in the 30s, the Royal Swedish Academy of Music in Stockholm created talented and skilled artists such as Thore Jederby or Arne Hülphers, who are these pioneers?

In the second part of the show, we dive into the hear of american jazz turning point with the Coltrane changes. In the 50s, John Coltrane propose a radical change of chords and arppegio, known as the Coltrane changes, let's dive into this journey!

This is a show about jazz, the influence of the greatest artists of the 40s, 50s, 60s and the jazz scene of Gothenburg´.



Nessim Kleiche.


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