Jazz your mind up

The Magical voices of Jazz from Sweden to New York

In this second edition we are going on a journey from sweden to new york to discover the magical voices of Jazz.
In the first segment Monica Zetterlund and Alice Babs, both swedish actresses and singers changed the perception of jazz in sweden with their unique voices.
In the second part we adress the talented chet baker, a beautiful voice and a talented trumpetist.

As usual, not too much talking.. just 100% jazz.
Tune in at 22:00


1. Monica Zetterlund - Sakta vi gå genom stan
2. - So long big time
3. - Come rain or come shine
4. - Vindarna sucka uti skogarna
5. Chet Baker - If you could see me now
6. - Everything happens for a reason
7. - Alone Together

All music is available for listening on the spotify playlist of the show:

This is a show about jazz, the influence of the greatest artists of the 40s, 50s, 60s and the jazz scene of Gothenburg´.

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