Jazz your mind up

Sonya Hedenbratt & Art Blakey

Tonight is a focus on the gothenburg jazz scene for our first segment, with Sonya Hedenbratt, with her magical voice.
In the second part we dive into the pioneer of jazz drums with the Art of Blakey

Tune in at 22pm, it's 100% jazz


1. Sonya Hedenbratt - I can't give you anything but love
2. - He's funny that way
3. - Stormy weather
4. - Kärlekens Gåta
5. - Finns han här
6. - Mamma Blå blues
7. Art Blakey - Blues March
8. - Hipsippy blues
9. - Jimerick
10. - Caravan

All music is available for listening on the spotify playlist of the show:

This is a show about jazz, the influence of the greatest artists of the 40s, 50s, 60s and the jazz scene of Gothenburg´.

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