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Febuary 23, 2015: Manchester Under the Radar with Andy

Spotlight: Manchester Under the Radar with special guest Andy Killackey

If you have enjoyed the music from Manchester you probably do not need to be told about The Smiths, Joy Division, New Order, Oasis or Happy Mondays, but have you heard of some of the other bands that got lost in the shadow of all these big bands? Tonight Andy will be presenting his mix of Manchester bands which are a little less well-known, but still as awesome! These music tips are coming from Andy, born and raised in Manchester, listen in!


Manchester has one of the most interesting music cultures and history, which never stops to amaze. There are so many great bands and artists coming out of the same place, so a night on Keep the Car Running is a well-deserved spotlight!

Tracks to recommend.....


Every week we will pick a band and do a half an hour show on them, such as their history, interesting facts, songs and albums. For the most part, you will be listening to their music. We have our own personal favourites and that is why we are going to be fair, and alternate every week with first choice.


Chelsea Forseth och Kelly Williamson.

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