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Lady Lamb with the LATEST

Spotlight: Lady Lamb (and the Beekeeper)

Lady Lamb, formally known as Lady Lamb and the Beekeeper, has been giving us her love sick lyrics with a indie rock guitar sound. The American singer-songwriter has been persistent with her music since 2007 and has many self-released albums up until 2013 when she released Ripely Pine with Ba Da Bing Records.


March 3rd, 2015 was the release of her second album titled AFTER with many hot songs and needs to have some light to shine on it!

Tracks to recommend.....

Penny Licks
Bird Balloons
Crane your neck
Billions of eyes

Every week we will pick a band and do a half an hour show on them, such as their history, interesting facts, songs and albums. For the most part, you will be listening to their music. We have our own personal favourites and that is why we are going to be fair, and alternate every week with first choice.


Chelsea Forseth och Kelly Williamson.

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