Keep the Car Running

An Interview with the Canadian WINDIGO

Spotlight: Windigo


Chelsea, the radio host of Keep the Car running, is in the field on the West Coast of Canada and has sought local talent. This band is one of a series of mostly local bands on Keep the Car Running.

After searching around the local area of Vancouver Island, Windigo came up and listening to their first song "It goes on (In my mind), the decision was made. This is a very indie psych pop Canadian band from Calgary, Alberta which prides themselves on their sunkissed summer vibes and for the meantime, make us think about all those wonderful summer memories.

The band consists of three dudes and a dudette, all on a music tour of Canada. 06/11/2015 is the date of the interview and the concert. Stay tuned for the next episode of Keep the Car Running on Monday(09/11/2015).
Tracks to recommend.....

It goes on (In my mind)
Specks of dust

Every week we will pick a band and do a half an hour show on them, such as their history, interesting facts, songs and albums. For the most part, you will be listening to their music. We have our own personal favourites and that is why we are going to be fair, and alternate every week with first choice.


Chelsea Forseth och Kelly Williamson.

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