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Mashup Radio Friday!

T Smallz

We have a special guest T Smallz passing through the studio all the way from The Gambia. He will be sharing his musical experiences with us and his discography as well. Tune In and Link Up.

T Smallz

Bashment Time!

Mashup Radio live every Friday 18-20

Indeed its Friday once again and the bashment starts the moment when Mashup Radio goes live with a wicked selection. Updates of whats going on in the city and the 1-2-3 Baddadan Sound Clash that held in Swizterland, Red Bull Culture Clash held in South Africa respectively and whole lot more.

Mashup Radio live every Friday 18-20

Here We Go Again!

Like we always do each and very Friday, its all about tunes both old and new. Link up, Tune in!

Link Up Cos its Mashupradio Friday!

Give thanks to our last week guest Seydi Mendoza and we say safe travels to Senegal. Hopefully the whole team is going to be in the place today as the Mashup Radio journey continues with the best in dancehall and reggae vibes. Tune In, Link UP!

The Weekend Starts Right Here!

Seydi Mandoza Live In Concert

Greetings to all, hope you had a nice week and ready for the weekend as you know it starts right here on Mashup Radio with 2 hour long Reggae and Dancehall session. We have a lot to talk about as well including the just ended historic reggae concert Hundralappen and joining us will be Seydi Mandoza (Mr Wadada). He will be sharing his music ,experience and his forthcoming music trip to Senegal. For more link up, tune in and we all make this a good Friday!

Seydi Mandoza Live In Concert

Tune In and Link UP!

This is going to be our last live session before we close down for the summer break. As always we have a lot in store and a new track from a long time Swedish Reggae artiste Jeepstarr. We want to thank everybody who has tuned in since the first day when we went live on K103. We link up and tune in next time when we are back.

Riddims,Tunes and Energy!

We coming to you live with Riddims, Tunes and Energy as this has become the Friday tradition. There has been a lot of new material being released on the local scene as well so tune in , link up its Mashup Radio Fridays!

Long Weekend Starts Right Here!


We are back again after a short break from going live, we got a lot in store today from events updates, new releases from our very own raising dancehall star in Sweden Khiihjano and many more from all over the globe. Tune In, link up the long weekend starts right here.


It's The Weekend

TGIF!!! The weekend starts right here on Mash Up Radio live sessions as later on people spread out to different events all over the city. Tune in, link up!

Live Session!!!

Live studio sessions 2 hours straight mashing up brandy new and old tunes. Events updates, news on the new Sizzla album and many more. Unfortunately Young P wont be able to join us today. Link up, Tune In.

Mash Up Radio focuses most on the underground in Reggae/Dancehall and Hiphop.
With guests both locally and International Superstars, there’s always something interesting to hear.
Mash Up Radio is hosted by Infinity Sound. Your only active clashing sound from Gothenburg!



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