Mash Up Radio

Roots and culture!

This show we dedicate strikkly to roots and cutlure. A Lot of songs blast from the past.
But of course we still have a wikkid Riddim of the week! kaboom! everybody has to listen!

Where is Bento?!

Don't miss our show on friday!
Our fellow friend and co-host Mighty Bento is out traveling the world this week. So you'll get to hear more from
Fred and Pelle instead.
First month of 2017 is getting to it's end, and new riddims are starting to find their way out!

Mash Up Radio Episode 39

Continuing to mash up 2017 in style!
this show we introduce a new section in the show! "Back to the 80's"
where you'll each week get to know about one artist that ruled the 80's.

And as usual we have Riddim of the week and a couple of other new riddims that we hope you'll like!

Episode 38 - K013 170106 - Juwon Simmons (Live)

The first show this Year 2017, still going strong and solid. We had Juwon Simmons from Cameron as our guest and he was there to share with us the story behind his works as rapper and poet. He came along with some of his music and the good news of a new EP project his currently working on.

2016 Close Down: Mash Up Radio Episode 37

We selected what we think are the best 2016 reggae/dancehall riddims and played them in chronological order. The whole 2016 reggae/danceahall calendar packed nicely in 2 hrs of play and talk about what were the highs and low the culture. We want to thank everybody who tuned in pressed play and listened to our show as we promise to get even better and bigger in this new year. Happy 2017 and enough love, respect and bless!

AND please check us out on our instagram as well.

Mash Up Radio Episode 36 - K 103 161216 (Live)

Christmas is at our doorstep! So this time we give the listeners some wicked Christmas tunes from some wicked Reggae/Dancehall-artists! Also played a brand new single from Essa Cham- Dialo from his upcoming EP scheduled for release sometime early next year.


As we do it like each and every Friday 2 hours of serious Dancehall and Reggae, but on this episode we added something extra special. The last hour of hard hitting Soca Music.


Essa Cham live on Mash Up Radio K 103

As everyone in and around Gothenburg City was getting ready for the Capleton concert we managed to get hold of Essa Cham one of the supporting acts of the night for a quick interview before he went back to his tight schedule. We also had pleasure of introducing new tunes from our very own scene from Kasja Karp and Moncho as well as from diffrent places in the world. Tune in.

Essa Cham live on Mash Up Radio K 103

One More Extra Hour Mash Up Radio Episode 33

It has been fun and uplifting doing live radio on K103 now we have added an extra hour as from last Friday, the new slot is between 1800 to 2000 hour of straight Dancehall Reggae music. For the last first 2 hour episode please go to

Friday Reggae and Dancehall Hour

One hour of strictly Reggae/Dancehall tunes and Riddims, going deeper as far as the 70s reggae foundation tune from The Clarendonians - I'm Sorry, brand new song from Hassman & Charly Chanter - Speciell and a lot more. Tune In!!!!

Mash Up Radio focuses most on the underground in Reggae/Dancehall and Hiphop.
With guests both locally and International Superstars, there’s always something interesting to hear.
Mash Up Radio is hosted by Infinity Sound. Your only active clashing sound from Gothenburg!



Infinity Sound, Bento Bonomali, PellePelle Granström och Fredrik Nilsson.


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