Megalo & Maniac


An exploration into why people are getting dogs instead of having babies, what the Dunning-Kruger Effect is, and what did Marta scream during Judah Friedlanders stand-up show?

Finally, we get to explore the megalomaniac traits of ourselves!
Marta has a dog and Isak got a new job!


Were you planning on spending the summer diving in warm waters, hoping to find the ruins of ATLANTIS, and becoming rich in the process? I got bad news for you buddy. Turns out Atlantis was in Sweden. And if you don't believe me, tune in for our new short episode and be convinced by the flimsiest evidence ever presented on this show. Episode 9 is out!

The Last Emperor of China

For this episode, we were honored with the presence of the venerable Felipe Kroeff and his irreverent humor! There's eunuchs, opium, Japanese spies and much more.
This adorable couple are, in fact, a sassy opium addict and a sadist lunatic. Find out more about Pu Yi and Wan Rong in episode 8 of Megalo & Maniac

Don't miss this one! Saturday at 12:03 at k103

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Megalo and Maniac

Megalo & Maniac

King Leopold II of Belgium - A story about how cyclists caused a genocide and how a 16-year-old prostitute becomes the sole heir to the King of Belgium.

Isak & Marta discuss relevant characters whose narcissism entitles them to the infamous title of Megalomaniac.
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Isak Törn och Marta Lopez.

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