Monday Special

1980-85 - Punk/ Post-Punk/Hardcore/Goth-Rock

Today will be a very eclectic show around the Punk Subculture encompassing Punk/Post-Punk/Hardcore and Goth Rock from 1980-85. Punk had a huge boom in the late 70's, and by the 1980's many subgenres emerged from it, making one of the most facsinating subculture of the music world. We will guide you through it accordingly, with a focus on the British and American scene, but also the Swedish one. Expect Cortex, Black Flag, The Cure, Siouxsie and the Banshees, Ramones and many more!

Tune in for an intense show with Eden & Eva at Monday 20.30.

Listen here:


We will guide you back in time to remember remarkable classics and discover hidden gems. We start in the 50s and work our way to present day. Enjoy!



Eden Maclachlan och Eva Gustavfsson.


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