Monday Special

1985-90 - Hard Rock/Heavy Metal

In the mid 80s the hard rock and heavy metal moved in many different directions. On one hand it went all glam with perms and spandex, on the other hand some moved toward a grittier and rawer sound in thrash metal. Alongside this some hardrock mixed more with pop and drew the attention of a broader audience, now filled with more women, partly through MTV.

Lets enjoy some Aerosmith, Europe, Guns N' Roses, Metallica, Faith No More and of course many more in todays Monday Special with Eden & Eva. Tune in to 103.1 MHz, or TuneIn at 20.30.

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We will guide you back in time to remember remarkable classics and discover hidden gems. We start in the 50s and work our way to present day. Enjoy!



Eden Maclachlan och Eva Gustavfsson.


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