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1985-90 - Heartland Rock/Rock

What happened to Heartland rock and rock in 1985-90? Rock continues to evolve and fracture into subgenres in the late 80s. But the pure old school rock still lingers with some flag bearers that we will highlight today. Heartland rock had its peak in the mid 80s and many of its performers will soon move onto the new emerging genres of Americana in the 90s. We will check out what's happening before that. Join us to enjoy Tom Petty, Steve Earl, The Boss, Patty Smith, Travelling Wilburys and many more.

Tune in to 103.1 MHz, or TuneIn 20.30 for a delightful show with Eden & Eva.

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We will guide you back in time to remember remarkable classics and discover hidden gems. We start in the 50s and work our way to present day. Enjoy!



Eden Maclachlan och Eva Gustavfsson.


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