Monday Special

1985-90 - Pop

Let's enjoy some bubbly pop this Easter Monday! Pop come in many shapes, colores and sounds. Last week we talked about Pop Rock and today we will move on to what uaually is just called pop. The kind that are not too much influenced by dance nor rock, although you would hear some glimpses of both tonight. We will of course give you gems from the King of Pop, Cyndi Lauper, Paul Simon, George Michael, Belinda Carlisle and more. Some of them will even be Swedish and French!

Tune in at 20.30 to catch your favorite music guru's Eden & Eva.

We will guide you back in time to remember remarkable classics and discover hidden gems. We start in the 50s and work our way to present day. Enjoy!



Eden Maclachlan och Eva Gustavfsson.


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