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Music out of nice Austria - Electronic music from Austria with the guests MAX and HELENA
Last radioshow of MoonA because Julias exchange stay is over.
The topic is about Electronic Music and she has 2 of her friends as guests.
They talk a little bit about the possible activities you can do when you visit Austria :)

Camo and Krooked
Cid Rim
Gudrun von Laxenburg


Music out of nice Austria - Music from Austria and Canada with the special guest Francois

In the 4rd radioshow of Julia MoonA another guest- Francois from Quebec in Canada- is joining her.
This time the topic is about powerful women which make really good music :)

They talk a litte bit about Quebec province,its famous music artists and a bit about the people from Austria and French part of Canada.

The Austrian artists are all based in Vienna and on the picture there is the beautiful city hall of Vienna.
Visiting at least once Vienna should be on every bucket list :) It is truly worth!

Klo Pelgag (CAN)
Safia Nolin (CAN)
Clara Luzia


Music out of nice Austria - Hip Hop from Germany and Austria with the special guest MARK

Exactly, there is already going to be the 3rd radioshow on air!

This time about nice Hip Hop from Austria and ---- Germany.

Mark from the Erasmus Students is joining Julia for one show and you can hear that they had much fun :)


Fettes Brot(GER)
Yung Hurn
Left Boy
Yasmo & die Klangkantine

By the way, come to Austria and go to Kärnten(Carinthia), it is super beautiful there.... you can see it on the picture :)


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Music out of nice Austria - this time from the studentcity Graz!

Julias hometown Graz is located in the south of Austria.
The second biggest city with 300.000 inhabitants is a big studentcity and is well-known for a mountain in the middle of downtown. On this hill you get a nice view around the whole city and also to the countryside. Furthermore, there is a watchtower on it which is the the most famous sightseeing :) You can see it on the picture.

Graz is popular for Rock Bands, so the mentioned Artists are Bands which are based on Rock.

High Brian
The Sado Maso Guitar Club
Hidden by the Grapes


Music out of nice Austria - Amadeus Music Award

Are you interested in new music? Then MoonA is the right show for you!
Listen to Julia from Austria, an exchange student at Chalmers University of Technology.
She talks about current famous artists of Austria next to the standard mainstream program.

Mavi Phoenix
Ankathie Koi
Mother´s Cake

They are all nominated for the Amadeus Austrian Music Award which is the main topic of this weeks show.
Let´s tune in on Saturday 2 pm!

For those who are busy at that time, here is the link to mixcloud:

This is a show about Austrian artists and their music. Every radio show has its own topic
or something that the artists have in common. The show is focused on music next to the
standard mainstream.


Julia Holzer.

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