Music out of nice Austria - this time from the studentcity Graz!

Julias hometown Graz is located in the south of Austria.
The second biggest city with 300.000 inhabitants is a big studentcity and is well-known for a mountain in the middle of downtown. On this hill you get a nice view around the whole city and also to the countryside. Furthermore, there is a watchtower on it which is the the most famous sightseeing :) You can see it on the picture.

Graz is popular for Rock Bands, so the mentioned Artists are Bands which are based on Rock.

High Brian
The Sado Maso Guitar Club
Hidden by the Grapes


This is a show about Austrian artists and their music. Every radio show has its own topic
or something that the artists have in common. The show is focused on music next to the
standard mainstream.


Julia Holzer.

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