Music Makes The World Go Round

Saturday's Music makes the world go round!

Beautiful day outside and beautiful music choices will make this day go smoothly. Sharp at 16:30!

Music makes the world go round

Another show for 2016 tonight on k103. Music is like time. Time is money and time never stops. So does music. tune in at 20:00!

Music makes the world go round

New week has started and as every Monday, new show with some rock music choices from Göteborg! don't miss it.

Music makes the world go round !

New Year, new shows are coming up! First one starts today from frozen Göteborg. Rock tracks unfortunately only for Rock music lovers! Tune in at 20:00.

10th show of Music makes the world go round !!!

First show after Christmas and last before New Year's Eve. Music choices of the best bands that will keep us motivated for the coming week!

music makes the world go round 9th show now on air!!

Approaching Christmas and what's better than some rock music!! Stay tuned!

Music makes the world go round 7th show!

Back on track with one more show in K103 from cold Göteborg. We are getting closer and closer to Christmas and of course to summer (very optimistic) so the mood should be really good! sharp at 8:00 pm.

6th radio show of "Music makes the world go round"

One more Monday, one more week has just started. Let's listen to some rock music.
Music lovers are welcome to stay tuned. The rest can just listen to us while eating ben&jerry's.
So, everybody turn your radio on and travel back in time with us!

Have a great week everybody!

Music makes the world go round 5th show on air!

Winter has arrived in Göteborg so we can begin thinking about summer now!
Moreover, one more week has just started off and what's the best way to keep yourself motivated? MUSIC of course.
We will do our best, as every week, to keep you some company.
See you all at 20:00.


Music makes the world go round 4th show!

Welcome for one more week in K103 and "Music makes the world go round"! "Rock" choices will available from 8 pm sharp.

The idea behind the “birth” of this show was to create, every week, playlists that will take people away from their daily considerations and, why not, make them recall their most important life experiences. Something that music can magically achieve.


Lefteris Drosinos och Orestis Lamprousis.

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