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Coming Up Tonight...

Tonight we have a special guest in the studio, Wallace all the way from Brazil, so we'll have a few tunes from there! As for this side of the pond we've got a brand new #FREEVOLUTION track from Edward Scissortongue. Big stuff going on for UK hip hop too with Jam Baxter's immanent release we've got another track from the abum due out 1st of December. It came out this week that Leeds hip hoppers Defenders Of Style will be opening the stage for Method Man & Redman next month. We've also got fresh stuff coming at you from Hospital records from the likes of Lynx and a track of the huge release by Fred V & Grafix, Unrecognisable, which is a big remix album due out soon. Tune in tonight or catch us on Mixcloud later!

Irregular Slices

Good evening folks and this week is a big one coming at you, with fresh freebies and forthcoming stuff from the UK hip hop scene we give you a little taster of what's coming up on the new Jam Baxter album, ...So We Ate Them Whole and we'll be bringing you more from that in the coming weeks up to the release. Baxter's release has been a long time in the making since his 2012 release, The Gruesome Features. We also have a bunch more forthcoming tunes and we take this a little bit more experimental with Maurice Louce and Rasmus Fisker. This show has got some nice chilled vibes, kick back with some chilling sounds of ODESZA and finish off as always with some huge drum & bass tracks, especially the anthemic banger Want My Love by Metrik. Don't forget that we've got Will Norgrove to come on the show sometime soon and we'll have a free download available from him too.. Stay tuned!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

Lee Scott & Black Josh - Ellesse Ellesse (Blah Records) [Download this track for FREE here]
Maurice Louca - Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set) (forthcoming on Nawa recordings, 17th Nov)
Jam Baxter - Leash (forthcoming on High Focus Records, 1st Dec)
Rasmus Fisker - Slices (forthcoming on Clang, 24th Nov)
Kalipo - Yaruto (Antime Music)
Singularis - Rain (Soulection) [Download this EP for FREE here]
Katy B - Little Red Light (Rinse) [Download this track for FREE here]
ODESZA ft. Madelyn Grant - Sun Models (Counter Records)
Jam Baxter - Husk (forthcoming on High Focus Records, 1st Dec)
Anile - Voidrants (forthcoming on Med School Records, 24th Nov)
Delta Heavy - Reborn (RAM Records)
Krakota - Irregular (Hospital Records)
Metrik ft. Elisabeth Troy - Want My Love (Hospital Records)

Level 3

Welcome back this is the third season of Next Level Vibes and we are planning to take the show even further this year and we’ve got a few things in the pipeline to stay tuned for some further developments. We’ll be keeping up with that stuff that you like best, live DJs, ticket competitions and all out banging tunes! As for this week’s show we’re had a summer of good tunes to be catching up with so there’s something from the latest SBTRKT album and Kiesza’s absolutely HUGE tune, Hideaway! As you know, we love free music so don’t forget to check out the #FREEVOLUTION tunes from this week and tune in next week as we’ll be bringing you more free tunes along with our special guest, house producer Will Norgrove! See you next week, same time, same place!

Track list:

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Kool G Rap - Baggin' In Da Spot (LeafDog Remix) [Download this album for FREE here]
Young Fathers - Get Up
Jehst - Brimstone Rock
Heavy Links ft. Iron Braydz - Seismic Shift [Download this EP for FREE here]
IV Rox & Ghetts - Down For Me
SBTRKT ft. Denai Moore - The Light
Purity Ring -Saltkin
Kiesza - Hideaway
Silencer - Hotheads
Yung Olda - H.I.C.C.U.P.Z. [Download this track for FREE here]
Caspa - Lon-Don City
Metrik - Out of the Fire

Summer Sessions #2 (Special Guest: Effektverket)

This week was our second of the summer sessions and with a two hour extended show we got Effektverket back in the studio with us and behind the decks! We had a bunch of forthcoming stuff for you too from the likes of Rag N Bone Man, Metrik and Ikonika. Ikonika makes the coer photo this week with her forthcoming release that we played two tracks from. Stay tuned next week and we will bring you some more from the release and more forthcoming stuff form Rag N Bone Man too!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

- Snoop Dogg - Cadillacs [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- Rag N Bone Man - My Business [forthcoming on High Focus Records, August 29th]
- Stig Of The Dump & Dr. Syntax - A Dose Of Godzilla Slang [Download this EP for FREE here]
- Ikonika - Strawberry Underlay [forthcoming on Hyperdub, August 25th]
- Ed:it & Geographix ft. Grimm - Shiver
- starRo - Lust [Download this album for FREE here]
- Slaughterhouse - Trade It All [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- Mr. Scruff - Bounce
- Jaydiohead - Wrong Player [Download this album for FREE here]
- Pusha T ft. Rick Ross - Millions [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- Om Unit - Timeless
- Ikonika - Mega Church (Perc Remix) [forthcoming on Hyperdub, August 25th]
- DJ Limited - The Beginning
- Metrik ft. Elisabeth Troy - Want My Love [forthcoming on Hospital Records, 14th July]

Effektverket Live Mix

Summer Sessions #1

This was our first venture on to weekend radio, Friday night radio, pre-party radio and we're here for the rest of summer too! We had plenty of fresh stuff on this show the much awaited first full release from Slaughterhouse which is available for download below! We had forthcoming stuff from Med School's Keeno also, with a couple of tracks of his upcoming album, Life Cycle, which is a bit hitter, varied and got a track for every moment, big album! As for more fresh stuff we got new that Cracker Jon & 2Late are due to drop their debut album on High Focus soon and so we played a couple tracks from them, one of which is available for free donwload below and the other was from their forthcoming release, keep checked for that one! Keep locked over summer too! Fridays at 19, Next Level Vibes...

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

DJ Fane & Karlixx - Wiked Disease
Fred V & Grafix ft. Etherwood - Forest Fires (Mass Appeals Remix)
Mr No Body & Pro P ft. Bowski, Cheech, Frisko & Goshin - Inflict The Pain [Download this album for FREE here!]
Cracker Jon - One Of The Illest [Download this mixtape for FREE here!]
Slaughterhouse - Struggle [Download this mixtape for FREE here!]
Triple Darkness - Thousand Cut Torture [Download this mixtape for FREE here!]
Cracker Jon & 2Late - Dank
Samplefox -Mysterious Tunnel [Download this track for FREE here!]
Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold VIP
Keeno ft. Zoe Klinck - Falling
Logistics - Somersault
Keeno - Break The Silence

Circles, Crystals, Triangles & Stars

Well he's made the playlist 3 weeks running with his remixes of Ghostface Killah, Talkib Kweli and Mos Def so it it seems fitting that Max Tannone makes the cover shot this week! He's got a bunch of free albums, aside from what we've played, Including an album remixing Beastie Boys with themselves.. and this made it on to the band's official website so make sure you check his stuff out! We had a few fresh tracks in from Hospital Records too, absolutely loving the old school vibes on the Forest Fires remix too so we had to drop that one.

Big news though, this is the last week for play on Tuesday (for now at least) as we are starting the summer sending program where we are moving the shows on K103 to the weekend and this has got Next Level Vibes a slot on Friday 19:00-20:00! We imagine that the majority of you at this time will be sipping a fine ol' beverage with splendid company preparing oneself to 'tear that shit up' and bust some mathematically implausible shapes ay? Well we have the tunes just for that! We shall keep the summer lively, this is where the pre-party is at!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

Dub Kweli - Garvey Gets By [Download this album for FREE here!]
Rustie - Terra Star
Ace Hood - Supposed To Do
Manu Shrine ft. Graciealitta - Last Day [Download this EP for FREE here!]
Kindred - White Shadows (Moonracer Remix) [Download this track for FREE here!]
Zytro - Reality's Function[Download this track for FREE here!]
Deon Custom - Circles
AWE - Crystals
Fred V & Grafix ft. Etherwood - Forest Fires (Taiki Nulight Remix)
Nutronic - Upon Shore Of Madness
Logistics - Triangles

Nejc Level Vibes (Special Guest: Nejc)

This week we invited the luckiest man in Gothenburg (Nejc, because he keeps winning our competitions) into the studio and grill this young chap on his music preferences! Turns out a bit of good ol' dedication is the key to his luck and his music choices were decent too! This week brought you a bunch of interesting unexpected tracks, Bassnectar remixing Nelly Furtado (surprisingly well), Robyn going all dub on us and to top it off Björk's recent collaboration with no other than... Death Grips? You gotta check it too!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list

- Flume ft. Freddie Gibbs - Holdin' On [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Ghostfunk - Dem Back [Download this album for FREE here!]
- Robyn - Non Of Dem (Casio Love Remix) [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Nelly Furtado - Magic World (Bassnectar Remix)
- EvenS - How Many Times
- Noosa - Clocktower (PatrickReza Remix) [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Rustie - Slasherr
- Om Unit - The Corridor
- Ultima C - Truly Unspoken [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Deon Custom - Feathers
- Death Grips ft. Björk - Have A Sad Cum [Download this album for FREE here!]

Bass Bastards (Special Guests: Leaf & Effektverket)

This week was a big show with two of Gothenburg's veteran DJs in the studio, Leaf and Effektverket! There couldn't be any better people to entrust with the music to prepare you for the weekend that is on the way, Bass Box (or Bass Beach should we say?) coming up on Friday night and Dubstep Bastards coming up on Saturday night. This is going to be a big weekend! Both Leaf and Effektverket will be playing on Friday along with Rhymz, Struck and MC Brian London. Dubstep Bastards have got the likes of Dubbacle all the way from the Netherlands and Gantz bringing the sound of Turkey to us!

Check out Bass Box on Facebook here!

Check out Dubstep Bastards on Facebook here!

**Ticket Competition**

Check the show on Mixcloud here to enter the competition!

If you are wanting to win yourself some general amazing hospitality at Bass Box on Friday (some beers and a hotdog or two) and then TWO free entries into Dubstep Bastards on Saturday then you need to answer the question that we ask in the show (make sure you listen through the show as we ask TWO questions, one for the tickets and one for I-know-my-shit-on-Gothenburg-raves bonus points). Mail your answers to or send them in a PRIVATE message to the Facebook page

Join the event on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the competition. Good luck!

Track list:

- Mos Dub - Ms. Vampire Booty [Download this album for FREE here!]
- Dubbacle - Ride With You [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Gantz - Second Nature

Effekverket live mix

- Aries & Murda - Ganja Farmer
- Taxman - Filth Funk [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Hamilton - Fire

Leaf live mix

Next Level Pride

Now then ladies and ladies, gents and gents, this week it's West Pride hitting the streets of Gothenburg and we want to give it a next level welcome! There's quite a world of LGBT hip hop out there these days challenging some of the once slightly homophobic attitudes in the genre and we got a little bit of it to stick on the airwaves this evening too! There's so much going on this weekend be sure to check the full program and have yourself a good weekend! As we're all about bass music here on Next Level Vibes then we'd have to make a special recommendation to get down to Domkyrkan on Friday to check out some dubstep from Gothenburg's own Emelie Odelberg or maybe some graffiti work by Carolina Falkholt which is available to see over the whole weekend at Mornington Hotel Stravaganza. Have a great weekend everybody and spread the love! <3

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Check out what's going on at West Pride here!

Coming up on next week's show we've got a 2-hour special once again where we will be joined in the studio by Gothenburg's very own Leaf and Effekt Verket, both whom will be playing at Bass Box on Friday 6th They'll be playing strictly vinyl on the show too! We'll have a pair of tickets to give away for bass Box and also a pair to give away to see Gantz headlining Dubstep Bastards the very next day! Check the Facebook event for full details and how to enter.

Track list

- Fliptrix - Let The World Unite
- Macklemore & Ryan Lewis ft. Mary Lambet - Same Love
- Cakes Da Killa - The Eulogy [Download this album for FREE here!]
- Big Dipper - Meat Quotient
- Zebra Katz ft. Njena Redd Foxxx - Ima Read
- Ikonika - Mega Church
- Mojo - Feel [Download this album for FREE here!]
- Casket ft. Enclave - Battles [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Grifta - Adrift
- Etherwood - Hold Your Breath (Spectrasoul Remix)

Pirates vs Frequency (Special Guests: Naxon & Asea)

Well it's always a bit of a special night when we've got Frequency in the building.. This was nothing less than would be expected. One might say even more than usual? We had an extended slot so we were on air for two hours with both Naxon taking to the decks and the end of the first hour and Asea taking to the decks at the end of the second hour. What else happens on the show? Well, for that you will just have to listen...

As always when we've got Frequency in the building we've got TICKETS TO GIVE AWAY! How could we make this one just that bit more special though? How about tickets for two different parties? Both Naxon and Asea are preeeetty busy this weekend with Asea playing Filth IV on Friday while Naxon is playing Pirates vs Dubstep that same evening and then both are at Frequency on Saturday (of course). We had a quick word with the guys from Pirates vs Dubstep and, although its a free party, it gets pretty packed out so we got a couple slots on the VIP list to make sure you get in and save you queueing.

So.. If you want to win the two places on the VIP list to get you into Pirates vs Dubstep nice and swiftly and then also want two places to get you into Frequency absolutely free of charge then all you have to do is listen to the show, answer the question and send your answer along with your full name to or in a PRIVATE message to the Facebook page. (One entry per person)

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Want to see what's going on at Pirates vs Dubstep? Click here!

Want to see what's going on at Frequency? Click here!

Track list:

- Mutated Forms - Crownin
- Ed:it & Geographix ft. Grimm - Shiver
- Keeno ft. Whiney - Sleeplessness

Naxon Mix

- London Grammar - Hey Now (Rockwell Remix)
- Joe Ford ft. Tasha Baxter - The Moment
- Artificial Intelligence ft. MC DRS - War Horse

Asea Mix

We are the Gothenburg airwaves' purveyors of bass music! Anything that's got those low end frequencies will be on the show, from some Hip Hop vibes raising it up through Dubstep and Jungle and even to some dark Drum & Bass!
We love free music, so listen in, join the #Freevolution and if you want to hear your tunes on the radio then forward them to the mail address below!


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