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Bass Bastards (Special Guests: Leaf & Effektverket)

This week was a big show with two of Gothenburg's veteran DJs in the studio, Leaf and Effektverket! There couldn't be any better people to entrust with the music to prepare you for the weekend that is on the way, Bass Box (or Bass Beach should we say?) coming up on Friday night and Dubstep Bastards coming up on Saturday night. This is going to be a big weekend! Both Leaf and Effektverket will be playing on Friday along with Rhymz, Struck and MC Brian London. Dubstep Bastards have got the likes of Dubbacle all the way from the Netherlands and Gantz bringing the sound of Turkey to us!

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**Ticket Competition**

Check the show on Mixcloud here to enter the competition!

If you are wanting to win yourself some general amazing hospitality at Bass Box on Friday (some beers and a hotdog or two) and then TWO free entries into Dubstep Bastards on Saturday then you need to answer the question that we ask in the show (make sure you listen through the show as we ask TWO questions, one for the tickets and one for I-know-my-shit-on-Gothenburg-raves bonus points). Mail your answers to or send them in a PRIVATE message to the Facebook page

Join the event on Facebook to keep up-to-date with the competition. Good luck!

Track list:

- Mos Dub - Ms. Vampire Booty [Download this album for FREE here!]
- Dubbacle - Ride With You [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Gantz - Second Nature

Effekverket live mix

- Aries & Murda - Ganja Farmer
- Taxman - Filth Funk [Download this track for FREE here!]
- Hamilton - Fire

Leaf live mix

We are the Gothenburg airwaves' purveyors of bass music! Anything that's got those low end frequencies will be on the show, from some Hip Hop vibes raising it up through Dubstep and Jungle and even to some dark Drum & Bass!
We love free music, so listen in, join the #Freevolution and if you want to hear your tunes on the radio then forward them to the mail address below!


DeadNote aka Nick Eklöf.

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