Next Level Vibes

Summer Sessions #1

This was our first venture on to weekend radio, Friday night radio, pre-party radio and we're here for the rest of summer too! We had plenty of fresh stuff on this show the much awaited first full release from Slaughterhouse which is available for download below! We had forthcoming stuff from Med School's Keeno also, with a couple of tracks of his upcoming album, Life Cycle, which is a bit hitter, varied and got a track for every moment, big album! As for more fresh stuff we got new that Cracker Jon & 2Late are due to drop their debut album on High Focus soon and so we played a couple tracks from them, one of which is available for free donwload below and the other was from their forthcoming release, keep checked for that one! Keep locked over summer too! Fridays at 19, Next Level Vibes...

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

DJ Fane & Karlixx - Wiked Disease
Fred V & Grafix ft. Etherwood - Forest Fires (Mass Appeals Remix)
Mr No Body & Pro P ft. Bowski, Cheech, Frisko & Goshin - Inflict The Pain [Download this album for FREE here!]
Cracker Jon - One Of The Illest [Download this mixtape for FREE here!]
Slaughterhouse - Struggle [Download this mixtape for FREE here!]
Triple Darkness - Thousand Cut Torture [Download this mixtape for FREE here!]
Cracker Jon & 2Late - Dank
Samplefox -Mysterious Tunnel [Download this track for FREE here!]
Mutated Forms - Best Served Cold VIP
Keeno ft. Zoe Klinck - Falling
Logistics - Somersault
Keeno - Break The Silence

We are the Gothenburg airwaves' purveyors of bass music! Anything that's got those low end frequencies will be on the show, from some Hip Hop vibes raising it up through Dubstep and Jungle and even to some dark Drum & Bass!
We love free music, so listen in, join the #Freevolution and if you want to hear your tunes on the radio then forward them to the mail address below!


DeadNote aka Nick Eklöf.

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