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Good evening folks and this week is a big one coming at you, with fresh freebies and forthcoming stuff from the UK hip hop scene we give you a little taster of what's coming up on the new Jam Baxter album, ...So We Ate Them Whole and we'll be bringing you more from that in the coming weeks up to the release. Baxter's release has been a long time in the making since his 2012 release, The Gruesome Features. We also have a bunch more forthcoming tunes and we take this a little bit more experimental with Maurice Louce and Rasmus Fisker. This show has got some nice chilled vibes, kick back with some chilling sounds of ODESZA and finish off as always with some huge drum & bass tracks, especially the anthemic banger Want My Love by Metrik. Don't forget that we've got Will Norgrove to come on the show sometime soon and we'll have a free download available from him too.. Stay tuned!

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Track list:

Lee Scott & Black Josh - Ellesse Ellesse (Blah Records) [Download this track for FREE here]
Maurice Louca - Sharraq Rah Tegharrab (It Will Set) (forthcoming on Nawa recordings, 17th Nov)
Jam Baxter - Leash (forthcoming on High Focus Records, 1st Dec)
Rasmus Fisker - Slices (forthcoming on Clang, 24th Nov)
Kalipo - Yaruto (Antime Music)
Singularis - Rain (Soulection) [Download this EP for FREE here]
Katy B - Little Red Light (Rinse) [Download this track for FREE here]
ODESZA ft. Madelyn Grant - Sun Models (Counter Records)
Jam Baxter - Husk (forthcoming on High Focus Records, 1st Dec)
Anile - Voidrants (forthcoming on Med School Records, 24th Nov)
Delta Heavy - Reborn (RAM Records)
Krakota - Irregular (Hospital Records)
Metrik ft. Elisabeth Troy - Want My Love (Hospital Records)

We are the Gothenburg airwaves' purveyors of bass music! Anything that's got those low end frequencies will be on the show, from some Hip Hop vibes raising it up through Dubstep and Jungle and even to some dark Drum & Bass!
We love free music, so listen in, join the #Freevolution and if you want to hear your tunes on the radio then forward them to the mail address below!


DeadNote aka Nick Eklöf.

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