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Secret Frequencies

With one of Sweden's biggest drum & bass producers with releases on Good Looking Records and his own label Secret Operations, we had to do something big to celebrate Seba joining us in Gothenburg! We managed to get both Naxon and Asea in the studio for this one, each giving us 30 minutes of tunes! Opening up the show with a little bit of fresh UK hip hop we swiftly got Naxon behind the decks for some steady build up before Asea was let loose with some nice hard bass face kind stuff.

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With special guests, Jenny and Franzi from Germany, in the studio this week, we took a little ol' stroll down that ol' hip hop lane once again. Not only did we bring you a bunch of German selections from the likes of Samy Deluxe, Seeed and Freundeskreis but we brought you some absolutely fresh out of the studio forthcoming stuff from High Focus' Fliptrix, who makes the cover this week and who's latest album, Out The Box, is dropping April 14th! Leeds drops another bomb on the UK hip hop scene with a collaboration from two local hip hop groups Defenders Of Style and Tha Office which is available for #FREEVOLUTION download so don't miss it! We end the show with fresh stuff from Hospital Records' Fred V & Graffix debut album, Recognise, and Ram Records' Loadstar with their latest release! Shame there was no camera in the studio.. people been busting some moves tonight, now GET DOWN!

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Track list:
- Seeed - Dickes B
- Danny Brown - Grown Up (Distinction Remix) [Download this track for FREE here]
- Samy Deluxe - Poesie Album
- Fliptrix - Rising
- Drake - Draft Day [Download this track for FREE here]
- Lupe Fiasco - Pound Of Flesh/Tokyo 2 [Download this track for FREE here]
- Del The Funky Homosapien - Mistadobalina
- Freundeskreis - Esperanto
- Defenders of Style vs Tha Office - Indian Trips
- Fliptrix ft. Buggsy - Walk This Way (Remix)
- Fred V & Graffix - Bladerunner
- Loadstar - Stepped Outside

8 Gold Rings

After last week's big +3hr special we had to do something good this week and so we stuck with some old classic dubstep tunes! We went all the day back to some of the tracks from the early Dubstep Allstars CDs with tracks from Coki, and then also from his duo alongside Mala. Caspa and Rusko's Africa (VIP) taken from their notable FabricLive . 37 mix. As for free tunes this week we got a mixtape from De La Soul, mixed by the late great J. Dilla. Also, another tune coming with a similar message is Dub Phizix's Salford Jon released as a tribute to his old pal and also big on the Manchester club scene, Salford Jon.

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Track list:

- Caspa & Rusko - Africa (VIP)
- Chasing Shadows - Ill
- Cragga - Mr Postman (Remix)
- Coki - Ruff Lovin’
- De La Soul - Marvin Jaye [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- Camo & Crooked ft. Skittles - The Lesson
- Freestylers ft Belle Humble - Cracks (Flux Pavillion Remix)
- Bryzergold - Planet X
- Nero - In The Way
- Dub Phizix - Salford John [Download this track for FREE here]
- Digital Mystikz - Anti-War Dub

50th Show Special

Yoooooo!! This was the 50th show and we wanted to do something special for you.. Was 4 live DJs, +3hrs of music, 6 tickets and 1 t-shirt to give away enough for you?? We opened up with our old friend and one of our first ever guests on the show Aggro from Full Clip spinning us a little bit of hip hop for us in the first hour which was topped off by Tafuri and Naxon spinning some dubstep to get you psyched for Bastards on the 4th at Röda Sten. Going into the second hour we played some of DeadNote's old favourite tunes and capped the hour off with our first time guest Deafnote who was giving us a mix ready for opt:OUT #3, a new alternative bass night in town. Big up to them, there were some twisted tune to wear hole in the bottom of your rave boots! Congratulations to Nejc who called in live on the show and won a pair of ticekts for Dubstep Bastards and a t-shirt from them too. Maybe some more phone in competitions in future?? Going into our third hour and with the beers flowing a little more Naxon and Tafuri couldn't wait to get behind the decks again and tease your little socks off for Frequency! We went on past the transmitting time as we just couldn't fit enough in! Special guest, Yohan from Bastards, arrived at the end and dropped maybe the last tune for you! Absolutely sick night! Big thanks for everyone who came in, big shout out to everyone that couldn't make it too! Reached quite a nice milestone here, we don't do repeats, we don't do half assed and we don't stop. How many DJs, how many hours do you want and how much should we give away on show number 100?

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

- Milanese - Dead Man Walking
- Coki - Burnin'
- Distance - Night Vision
- Joker - Stuck In The System
- Cage - Agent Orange
- Gangrene - Freshest Rhymes (Instrumental)
- Mics of Fury ft. Rasheed - Backtrack

Dubstep Bastards teaser mix by Tafuri & Naxon:
- Sleeper - Burning Spears
- J Kenzo - Magneto (Feel It)
- Gantz - U Wont Mind (Thelem remix)
- Las & Mikael - Dem Break
- **
- **

- Liquid Stranger - Inspector Gadget
- Benga - E Trips
- MT Eden ft. Freshlyground - Sierra Leone
- Jamie Woon - Wayfaring Stranger (Burial mix)

opt:OUT #3 teaser mix by Deafnote:
- **
- Forbidden Society - Intense
- The Outside Agency & Forbidden Society - This Never Happened
- Switch Technique - DID
- Dj Hidden - **
- The Outside Agency - The Price Is Right
- The Hard Way - Dead Rockstars
- Ragnarok - War On Society
- **

- Wilkinson ft. P Money & Arlissa - Heartbeat
- Black Sun Empire - Arrakis
- Aries & Murda - Ganja Farmer (DnB Remix)
- Mark Knight ft. Skin - Nothing Matters (Noisia Remix)

Frequency teaser mix by Naxon & Tafuri:
- Netsky - Love Has Gone (Dub Phizix remix)
- Dub Phizix ft. Skittles - I'm A Creator
- Mindstorm - On The Run
- Lynx - Disco Dodo
- Emperor - Precursor (Mefjus Remix)
- Dom & Roland - Unofficial Jah
- Dlr & Break - We'll See
- Fred V & Grafix - Recognise (Emperor remix)
- Neuropol - Warning (feat Marlene Abuah)
- Defkline & Red Polo - Oh Sevre! (Look What You Done) (drum & bass mix)
- Calyx & Teebee - Elevate This Sound
- las & Mikael - Dem Break
- **
- Sleeper - Trojan


We talked a bit of genre mashing this week and with the extensive list of different genres, sub-genres and post-genres we figured we would just stick to playing music from the good-music genre! As per usual we are throwing a ton of free music at you this week, get on and download it all!! We started off with some good music right over the pond from the US with a track by Illogical and then some good music from Australia courtesy of Filth Collins and then to Europe with tunes from Sigma from the UK. Finishing the show with a remix of UK old schoolers, The Prodigy, with US music fuckers, Death Grips; for this case we can only describe the genre as 'interesting'!

Announcements for next week: Big 50th anniversary special and we're gonna try do something good for you all! We're gonna try get some of the guys in from around Gothenburg and have a full studio of DJs throwing tunes at you! Stay tuned and keep updated..

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Track list:

- Illogic & Aaron Lewis - I’m Only a Drop [Download this track for FREE here]
- Danny Brown - Grown Up (Filth Collins Remix) [Download this track for FREE here]
- Kidnap Kid - Stronger
- Laura Welsh - Betrayal (Jakwob Remix)
- Phon.o - Moonwalk [Download this track for FREE here]
- Insightful - Geaux [Download this track for FREE here]
- DyAD - Condemned [Download this track for FREE here]
- Skeptical ft. Collette Warren - Always Been Mine
- Sigma ft. Doctor - Rudeboy
- The Prodigy - Firestarter (Death Grips Remix) [Download this track for FREE here]

Way Out Dirty South

So, this week, with the big news of Outkast being booked to headline Gothenburg's Way Out West festival this summer we decided to go a little bit hip hop and a little bit old school. Continuing with the notion of summer festival viewing possibilities, we even brought in some old Busta as he will be playing at Croatia's bass music offering, Outlook Festival which is also being opened by the elusive Ms. Lauryn Hill! There seemed to be no sweeter way to cap the show other than with another of Outlook Festival's bookings, the legendary reggae-master Barrington Levy!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Track list:

- A Tribe Called Quest - Electric Relaxation
- Eric B. & Rakim - I Ain’t No Joke
- Busta Rhymes ft. Rampage - Woo Hah!! (Got You All In Check)
- Prop Dylan - Shoack and Amaze
- Snoop Dogg ft. Dat Nigga Daz - Gin And Juice
- Heavy Links ft. Cappo - Nuclear [Download this album for FREE here]
- ProbCause ft. Action Bronson & Chance The Rapper - Three Course Meal [Download this album for FREE here]
- Jungle - Busy Earnin’
- Outkast - B.O.B.
- Barrington Levy - Here I Come

Bass Box

This week we are welcoming Bass Box in the studio with us for the first time! We’ve got two tickets to give away for the party on Friday and had Leaf in the studio giving us a live mix! Standard that we kick the show off with a Hip Hop track and then we took it a little bit deeper until we finished on the naughty little Frankee remix of Wilkinson’s Too Close before Leaf took to the decks and gave us a little bit of what is to come on Friday!

To enter the competition just answer the question we ask in the show and send your answer to or on the Facebook page as a private message (Not on the wall!) The winner will be drawn at 16:00 on Friday so even if you missed the show live just check the Mixcloud link below and you can still enter! Good luck!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!

Click here to see the Bass Box Facebook event!

- The Pharcyde - Runnin' (Philippians Remix)
- Kamos & Tripbuk - Andromedan
- Gladys Knight - Grapevine (Mr. Carmack Remix) [Download this track for FREE here]
- Capcha - Acid [Download this track for FREE here]
- Insightful - A Horse's Soul
- Mikal - On The House [Download this track for FREE here]
- Wilkinson ft. Detour City- Too Close (Frankee Remix)

Leaf's live Boom Box teaser mix:
*Coming soon*

Bastards In The Building

This week we kicked the show off with a few hip Hop tracks from artists who are due to play in Gothenburg, Vinnie Paz of Jedi Mind Tricks who is due to play at Pustervik on Saturday and Snoop Dogg who has recently ben announced to be playing in Gothenburg this summer!

We had a couple guests in the studio this week, one of whom, Yohan, was joining us from Dubstep Bastards to give us a live teaser mix for the party on Saturday! Along with the teaser mix we asked a question for the chance to win a couple of guest list slots for the big Dubstep Bastards party coming up on Saturday 1st March at Röda Sten which is being headlined by UK dubber Lurka! Just listen to the show for the question and mail your answer to, competition winner will be drawn at 12:00 on Saturday! Good Luck!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!


- Snoop Dogg ft. Pharrell Williams - Drop It Like It’s Hot
- Jedi Mind Tricks ft Young Zee & & Pacewon - Design in Mallace
- Calibre ft. Chimpo - Start Again
- The Game - Dead People
- Resistance - The Beginning (BAR9 Remix)

Yohan's Dubstep Bastards Live Teaser Mix:

- Machinedrum - Gunshotta (AMIT’s Thug Dub Remix)
- LAS & Mikael - Dem Break
- Consequence - Chamber Music
- The Illuminated - Scavengers (TMSV Remix)
- Quest - Dubfoot
- Gantz - Spry Sinister
- EshOne - Ups & Downs VIP
- Deleted Scenes - Terminate
- Speng Bond - 001

Digging Deeper

The second show coming at you from the UK was the second part of our UK Hip Hop show! There was just too much stuff for one show last week and so we had to do a second one! The previously planned UK Drum & Bass special has been moved back a week and we will be picking you up some fresh tunes from what comes up while we're at Hospitality in Leeds this week where the likes of High Contrast, Friction and Fred V & Graffix will be playing! This week we played a ton of #FREEVOLUTION tracks we got from recommendations, internet scouring, and even buying a CD from a dude in the street! This is what some of the UK scene sounds like and we'll have plenty more of it in the future!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!


- SonnyJim - The Headsplit (Bunty Beats Remix) [Download this EP for FREE here]
- Redbeard - Us [Download this EP for FREE here]
- JStar - One Life, One Hope (Roots Manuva Refix) [Download this track for FREE here]
- Meta & Beatbox Fozzy ft Sonny, Mud, Taharka, Ralph, Kos, Ruff, P.L.O., Meta, Beard & Willo Wispa. - The Highball [Download this EP for FREE here]
- Jack Diddly ft. Mr. Key - Tucked Away [Download this album for FREE here]
- Flame Griller - Wuntathought [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- BVA - Insomnileptic
- Speech Debelle - Collapse
- Yung Block - How Can You Say
- Jehst - High Plains Anthem
- RTKal - One Time (Sleng Teng Riddim) [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- Plan B - Ill Manors

Digging In The UK

Sending our show from the UK this week, we had to do something a little differently and we figured that doing some UK inspired show would be good, and with the imminent release of BVA’s album, Be Very Aware due out out 14th Feb, we had to showcase some of the underground and most underrated contributions from the shores of the UK! Another forthcoming tune from Defenders Of Styles vs Tha Office mixtape, due out in March!

From the height of Foreign Beggars and Roots Manuva we dig down to the depths of northern streets with Defenders Of Style and Skittles! This is the first instalment of the UK Hip Hop special! Tune in next week to hear more underground stuff as we dig even deeper!

Check the show on Mixcloud here!


- Foreign Beggars - Reelfire
- Defenders Of Style - Blue Brothers (forthcoming in March)
- Lowkey - My Soul
- Roots Manuva - Movements
- Jam Baxter & Edward Scissortongue - Pipe Smoke [Download this track for FREE here]
- Jehst - Starting Over
- DELS - Shapeshift
- The Four Owls - Not Like Before
- K-Koke ft. Aynzli Jones - Deep In The Struggle [Download this mixtape for FREE here]
- Verbal Contact ft. Left Leberra - Get Stoned
- Skittles - The Way You Look At Me (Blair)
- BVA - Rain or Shine (forthcoming on High Focus Records 14th Feb)

We are the Gothenburg airwaves' purveyors of bass music! Anything that's got those low end frequencies will be on the show, from some Hip Hop vibes raising it up through Dubstep and Jungle and even to some dark Drum & Bass!
We love free music, so listen in, join the #Freevolution and if you want to hear your tunes on the radio then forward them to the mail address below!


DeadNote aka Nick Eklöf.

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