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Next Stop: Strange News (Mixcloud)

A man riding a horse into a store? Wanted posters for, "Max the Library Cat?" Bacon-frying selfies at Waffle House?

These are only a few of the strange stories happening this week in the news that we explore on this broadcast of Next Stop Gothenburg.
Featuring a special guest interview with international comedian, Joe Eagen, this show is jam-packed with stand-up fun, thought-provoking discussions about fake news and games to test your news-savvy skills.

If you missed the broadcast on air, fear not! You can play it again and again here:

Next Stop: Strange News

Joining us in the studio for today's show is international comedian, Joe Eagen! He keeps us laughing as he gives great advice on how to do stand-up comedy, why he prefers Swedish women to sheep, and shows off his ability to recognise fake news by playing our game.

This Saturday, your hosts Ayurella and Lara take you through this week's topic of news in a way never been done before. Tune in for thought-provoking discussions about the fake news epidemic and games to test your news knowledge galore.

Listen to K103 - Next Stop: Gothenburg today from 1 to 2 p.m.

Next Stop: Student Survival Guide - Sweden Joins Race to Lead Second Quantum Revolution

“If you can build a quantum computer that works well, you can actually crack codes [and] send secret messages but also send money around the world.”

Saturday's show we delved into the future of quantum computing, by speaking to key members of Sweden’s first research initiative focused on building a quantum computer - Per Delsing and Göran Wendin.

Listen to their full interviews:

Interested in learning more about the €100 million initiative? Read more about it here:

Lagom, Hygge and Kalsarikännit

Have you ever been wondering about what "lagom" does really mean?
We are talking in our next show this Saturday about this famous word with professor Eva Knuts from Gothenburg University and ask people on the streets!
And have you ever been wondering about the words "hygge" in Denmark and "Kalsarikännit" in Finland? We talk about that as well.
so make sure you listen to our next show on Saturday at 1 and learn something about the scandinavian culture!

Next Stop: Dating

Looking to date internationally? Perhaps you have been wondering whether or not to finally try swiping left for love? Or maybe you are just in need of a new comedic take on modern day relationships. If any of the above apply, than this broadcast of Next Stop: Gothenburg is the show for your Saturday.

This broadcast features a guest appearance by some very talented actors: tune in at 1 p.m. (CET) to hear Gothenburg International Committee's Theatre Group act out a hilarious blind date experience. Hilarity is guaranteed, and an almost-unbelievable dating discussion led by your hosts will follow!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is Back!

Have you been wondering how in the world to navigate your day-to-day in a totally foreign culture? Or why is it that the things we take for granted back home seem so tricky to manage here? More do I learn Swedish, and FAST?!

Look no further - the new team at Next Stop: Gothenburg have all the answers and more. Our program is back and better than ever!

Tune in to our very first broadcast this Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. to hear secret tips to speedy language learning, interviews with international students, Scandanivian similarities and what fun can happen when translating Swedish expressions!

Next Stop: Goodbye

The autumn semester is coming to an end and it is time to say goodbye to Gothenburg. Remembering how it was to say goodbye your home to come here in the first place, we are reflecting our stay in Sweden and reveal all the appreciations and regrets.
Listen to us on mixcloud:

Next Stop: The sound of Sweden

Of course everyone knows about Abba - but there is so much more to explore about Swedish artists. Listen to our show to get to know some musicians, producers and authors you probably would not have expect to come from Sweden.

You can also listen to our show on Mixcloud:

Next Stop: Gothenburg's Top 10

Today we like to show you our Top 10 things that you definitely need to do as an exchange student in Gothenburg. Anyway if you just moved to the city or if you're about to leave (as some of our crew does)!Check our top ten out and experience the things you haven't seen yet!
You've missed the show? No worries go to our Mixcloud playlist and listen to the show again!

Next Stop: Nature

This Saturday are we going to talk about the beautiful nature of Sweden and what we like most about it.
We will mention the reasons why we came to Sweden and what impresses us the most about the nature which surrounds Gothenburg. Learn more about mooses, Sami culture and Lappland excusions.
Seek in on Saturday at 1pm or listen to us on mixcloud as well!

Are you an international student, ex-pat, or just someone new to the city of Gothenburg? If the answer is yes, this is the perfect show for you!

In our program we discuss everything that concerns you as an international trying to make it in this charming, windy city. From the unspoken do's and don'ts of Scandanavian culture, to easiest ways to make friends in a new place, we will coach you through it all.

Join us every Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. for your survival guide to life in Gothenburg!


Miriam Anselm, Ayurella Horn-Muller, Hannah Reichhart och Lara Weber.


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