Next stop: Gothenburg

Next Stop: Goodbye

The autumn semester is coming to an end and it is time to say goodbye to Gothenburg. Remembering how it was to say goodbye your home to come here in the first place, we are reflecting our stay in Sweden and reveal all the appreciations and regrets.
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Next Stop: The sound of Sweden

Of course everyone knows about Abba - but there is so much more to explore about Swedish artists. Listen to our show to get to know some musicians, producers and authors you probably would not have expect to come from Sweden.

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Next Stop: Gothenburg's Top 10

Today we like to show you our Top 10 things that you definitely need to do as an exchange student in Gothenburg. Anyway if you just moved to the city or if you're about to leave (as some of our crew does)!Check our top ten out and experience the things you haven't seen yet!
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Next Stop: Nature

This Saturday are we going to talk about the beautiful nature of Sweden and what we like most about it.
We will mention the reasons why we came to Sweden and what impresses us the most about the nature which surrounds Gothenburg. Learn more about mooses, Sami culture and Lappland excusions.
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Next Stop: Christmas in Gothenburg

This Saturday the crew of Next Stop Gothenburg is informing you about the Christmas traditions that you can attend in Gothenburg in the following pre-christmas period. We recommend several events as Lucia and Christmas Markets those are spreaded all over the city in the following weekends. So stay tuned and listen to us on Saturday at 1pm.

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Next Stop: Substitute teachers

Due to illness of two of our co-host we're only two in the studio today. But none the less we are still able to give you information on what to experience in the cold, dark but yet charming city of Gothenburg.
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Next Stop: Swedish food

This Saturday we are going to talk about food and all its facets. We will tell about our expectations about Swedish food, about Swedish food culture and some traditional dishes. Especially for you this week: We have a lottery where you can win 2 tickets for the AirHop Trampolin Park! Send your Gothenburg moments to before next Friday, so next Saturday we will announce the winner!

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Next Stop: Midway

Some of our team for "Next Stop: Gothenburg" are halfway through their abroad experience and today we are going to talk about what we still want to do, what we didn't managed to do in the last 2 month and what we could recommend to do when you're having friends coming to visit you in Gothenburg! Stay tuned, Saturday 1pm-1.30pm

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Next Stop: moviesmoviesmovies

Today we will talk about our favorite movies, some interesting movies to see these days in the cinema and some interesting upcoming ones! Also some upcoming tv - series to check out during those gloomy October days :D
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Next Stop: Music in Gothenburg

This week we are going to talk about our favourite music, our first concerts and of course we're going to inform you about the concerts you can attend in Gotheburg in the following weeks. Stay tuned!
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In this show we discuss everything that concerns you as an international in Gothenburg. From learning Swedish to finding the right shop for your furniture, we will cover it all!


Mila Weidelhofer, Patrick Thomsen, Friederike Deichsler och Zanna Kucenko.

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