Next Stop: Gothenburg

Next Stop: Breaking Barriers

Bedroom gymnastics at the 2018 Winter Olympics. Reasons to avoid pointing at someone in Mongolia. The pitfalls of touching a Malaysian monk.
This broadcast we venture into the cultural worlds of sports and art. Our mission? Finding ways these two very different mediums break international barriers.

Lucas Dahlström is this week's guest host. The voice behind award-winning Swedish sports podcast Hemohes, Lucas has a background in sports journalism and tells us all we need to know on the PyeongChang Olympics. From $93,000 condoms to diapers for skiers, he's got the scoop on a side of the Winter Games you'll wish you knew before.

For our art enthusiasts, show host Ayurella will take you to Röda Sten Konsthall's Spring 2018 Exhibition opening. She gets personal with featured artist Delcy Morelos, as Delcy opens up about her art, culture and what it means to be a Spanish-speaking artist in an English-speaking world.

We'll wrap it up with top tips on what NOT to do when traveling abroad. Advice worthy of gold, if we do say so ourselves!

Here's Next Stop: Breaking Barriers for a mission accomplished:


What is special about student life in Gothenburg? Our international students will try to find the answer!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is the radioshow/podcast for international students in Gothenburg and anywhere else in the world.

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