Next Stop: Gothenburg

Two songwriters from Olof Open Stag, psychological tips from Akademi Hälsan and how Esn works

We had a lot of fun this time. Eliott and Matteo (yes, our own Matteo) are two of the artists who played in the last Olof Open Stage. We interviewed them and let them perform their own songs in our studio. Besides, we interviewed a student from ESN Gothenburg and had a talk with Bryan, a counsuler and psychologist from Akademi Hälsan, whom gives us some tips about how to deal with very common issues among student such as procrastination and sense of guilt. This and more on this episode of Next Stop Gothenburg.

Listen to the episode

What is special about student life in Gothenburg? Our international students will try to find the answer!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is the radioshow/podcast for international students in Gothenburg and anywhere else in the world.

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