Next Stop: Gothenburg

Spring in Gothenburg, Daytrip to Oslo and Easter Traditions

At the moment it is still next stop: Haga for Karina and Marie. They have been planning the next show in the sunny city which will be aired next Saturday the 13th of April at 1 o'clock. It will be "Next Stop: Gothenburg" on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio again. They talk about Easter traditions, a daytrip to Oslo and what you can see there, how much are the fries at Burgerking and how you get around the city. Besides this they will share their observations what Swedes do when the first sun comes out. Tune in on K103 Göteborgs Studentradio next Saturday at 1pm!!

The weekend is close, stay strong allihopa!

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What is special about student life in Gothenburg? Our international students will try to find the answer!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is the radioshow/podcast for international students in Gothenburg and anywhere else in the world.

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