Next Stop: Gothenburg

What is the Cortege? Facts about Couchsurfing with a *Special Guest* from Uruguay and Tips for Munich

The easter weekend is over and we are talking about easter egg hunting, what happened in the city and what events are coming up in the next days. While Karina is spending hours and hours on the builing site at Chalmers to get ready for the Cortege, a big parade in Gothenburg that is happening next week on Valborg, we are chatting in the studio about travelling and couchsurfing. This time joined by a really spontaneous guest Clara coming all the way from Uruguay. She is sharing her first hand experience on how to use the travel and socializing platform couchsurfing.

Stay exited and dont forget to tune in on saturday at 1 pm!

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What is special about student life in Gothenburg? Our international students will try to find the answer!

Next Stop: Gothenburg is the radioshow/podcast for international students in Gothenburg and anywhere else in the world.

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