Not so fucking classical

Not so fucking classical ep 14 - Japanese music

In the 14th episode of NSFC Jakob takes us far away, all the way to Japan. In this episode Jakob plays the music of 4 great Japanese composers.

Not so fucking classical ep 13. - What the fuck is atonal music?

In this episode of nsfc Jakob takes a look at the differences between tonal and atonal music. As well as playing music that is neither tonal nor atonal.

Not so fucking classical ep. 12 - harp music

The 12th episode of NSFC does not showcases 10 hours of lullaby harp music for babies, it showcases 30 minutes of fucking badass harp music for people that arent trying to fall asleep. Airs 12/3 and 19/3 !

Not so fucking classical ep. 11 - Ridicoulusly Wonderful Music

The 11th episode of NSFC is dedicated to composers that does not take themselves too seriously and writes music that makes you laugh in a world were most contemporary classical music is dead serious. Tune in for thermins, jazz improvisations from hell and fart noises. Airs 5/3 and 12/3.

Not so fucking classical ep. 10 - Ladislaus Horatius

In the 10th episode of Not so fucking classical we hear the music and the story of the recentely deceased legendary Swedish composer Ladislaus Horatius. The episode is dedicated to his memomry, music and philosophy. Airs 12 and 19 of February. Always available from .

Not so fucking classical ep. 9 6 composers lost to holocaust

After extensive research, Jakob came across the music of 6 composers that today are mostly unknown because they're lives were ended in holocaust. This, witch is without a doubt the most important episode of NSFC showcases their music and their stories. Airs Tuesday 20: 30 29/1 and 5/2. Always available from

Not so fucking classical ep 8 - Young GBG composer Anton Lindström

In this episode of NSFC radio-host Jakob will interview young GBG composer Anton Lindström about his compositions and his favorite music. We will hear two pieces written and played by Anton himself as well as three of his favorite compositions by other composers. The program will air live 15/1 and 22/1 2019.

Not so fucking classical ep 7 - New years special

In the first episode of NSFC in 2019 we will listen to music from three different years and times that are important to check out to get a good understanding of the new year.

Not so fucking classical - ep 6 Christmas Special

Time to celebrate the holidays in style! Tune in for the greatest Christmas music you have never heard. Don't tune in for Mariah Carey. Airs on Tuseday 18/12 and 25/12 and is always available from !

Not so fucking classical - ep 5 2 women of the Soviet Union

In the newest episode of Not so fucking classical we will get weird and listen to music from a time, culture and country that no longer exist. This episode is all about female composers from the Soviet Union: Sofia Gubaidulina and Galina Ustvolskaya. Program airs Tuesday 4/12 and 11/12


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