Not so fucking classical

Not so fucking classical ep 3 - choral music

In the newest episode of Not so fucking classical we will take a look at choral music that does not suck, believe it or not. Tune in to hear some strange yet beautiful music made by people in small groups making strange noises together only using they`re voices. Airs at 6/11 and 13/11 and always available from .

Not so fucking classical ep 2 - Swedish composers

In the newest episode of "Not so fucking classical" we will not dwell any more on the past. Instead we will explore the world of new Swedish music written by three of Sweden`s most active and famous composers of today. Tune in for experimental folk influences, happy saxophone music and amazing soundscapes Tuesday 23/10 and 30/10 at 20:30! Available as podcast on from 24/10. Tune in for something different!

Not so fucking classical ep 1 - contemporary piano music

The first episode of "Not so fucking classical" takes a closer look at modern piano music. Tune in to hear piano pieces that is to be played using elbows and palms and what a piano filled with metal screws sounds like. Hardcore music does not always have to be played by electric guitars when there is music like this out there. Tune in for something different 20:30 Tuesday 9/10 and 16/10!


Jakob Thonander Glans.


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