One and a half vegan

#3: Life of a package


Latest research on black holes reveals: “Your plastic bottle doesn’t simply disappear into a black hole just because you put it in a specially marked container before you walk away patting yourself on the back for being such a good boy”
Listen to One and a Half vegan episode #3 "Life of a package” and learn about the lifespan of different packaging materials and what to do to greatly reduce your negative footprint today.

If you want to get deeper into the information feel free to investigate these sources:
-Materials for packaging in Swedish market:
-Plastics for packaging, energy reduction by recycling plastics, facts on plastic water waste:
-Energy to produce 1kg of different materials:
-Waste decomposition time:
-Burning waste and detrimental health consequences: research by Paul Connett, PhD
-Recycling facts: Plastic v3 PDF.pdf

Our recommendations for stores in Gothenburg to buy food without packaging:
-Fram Ekolivs:
-Mynta Eko:

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In this show we try to explore the footprint that we leave on the world every day and how to make adjustments that reduce the negative impact on the environment and society while still enjoying the good things of life.


Timi Rus och Donatas Kveselys.


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